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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

BEHIND THE SCENES: A week on the Summer Nationals tour with Bobby Pierce

Discover what it takes to survive ‘The Hell Tour’ with exclusive access to Pierce’s team   CHAPTER I: The Journey Into The Unknown The road turned from an average two-lane asphalt strip to a narrower gravel route bordered by fields of crops. Google maps indicated a few yards down this path is the temple of

2021 Results

6/15/21 – Brownstown Speedway

Feature (40 Laps) – 1. 32-Bobby Pierce[2]; 2. 9-Devin Moran[3]; 3. 48-Tim Lance[8]; 4. 81E-Tanner English[5]; 5. 1G-Devin Gilpin[7]; 6. 14G- Joe Godsey[18]; 7. 3S-Brian Shirley[9]; 8. 12-Ashton Winger[12]; 9. 74-Mitch McGrath[4]; 10. 42-Chad Finley[21]; 11. 21JR- Billy Moyer Jr[1]; 12. 51-Dean Carpenter[15]; 13. 4G-Bob Gardner[10]; 14. 15-Richard Frost[13]; 15. 25-Jason Feger[6]; 16. 51B-Brandon Carpenter[17];


COOL HAND BOBBY: Pierce Nets 28th Career Hell Tour Win in Season Opener at Brownstown

Tim Lance leads first laps, posts third-place finish after challenging Pierce new halfway mark By now, the fans of the DIRTcar Summer Nationals would typically expect three-time DIRTcar Summer Nationals champion Bobby Pierce to have ice in his veins while leading halfway through the race, deep in traffic with a hungry pack of his competitors

2020 Results

7/8/20 – Brownstown Speedway

Feature (40 Laps) 1. 1T-Tyler Erb [1]; 2. 32-Bobby Pierce [2]; 3. 57-Mike Marlar [6]; 4. 25W-Allen Weisser [9]; 5. 40B-Kyle Bronson [4]; 6. 99JR-Frank Heckenast, [8]; 7. 28-Tyler Carpenter [3]; 8. 17J-Greg Johnson [14]; 9. 16-Jason Jameson [11]; 10. 25-Jason Feger [18]; 11. 76-Shelby Miles [7]; 12. 14B-Britan Godsey [13]; 13. 22-Austin Burns [10];


Terbo Starts the Flame with Victory in Season Opener at Brownstown

BROWNSTOWN, IN – Just over three years ago, Tyler Erb scored his first career DIRTcar Summer Nationals victory in the Hoosier State. In Wednesday night’s season opener at Indiana’s Brownstown Speedway, Terbo did it again. Erb wheeled his Best Performance Rocket Chassis #1 around the low side of Turns 1-2 with just four laps remaining


2020 DIRTcar Summer Nationals Tour Features 29 Events In 33 Nights

NOTE (6/19/20): This release is now outdated. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a schedule remake, click here to view the updated version. INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The buzz around the DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Model tour is already getting loud with the release of the 2020 schedule on Thursday at the Performance Racing Industry show. Twenty-nine races across