Week 4: Summit Modified Nationals
Farmer City Raceway | Farmer City, Illinois
Friday, July 07, 2023

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (309) 928-9110

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Week 4: Summit Modified Nationals
Farmer City Raceway
850 N Grove St.
Farmer City, Illinois 61842 

Event Description
The DIRTcar Summer Nationals returns for its 32nd visit to Farmer City since its debut at the black dirt, 1/4-mile in 1989.

Both tours take on Illinois racing's home of "Friday Night Lights" with a $10,000 grand prize on the line for Late Models and $1,500 for Modifieds.

series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
11.750 seconds by Brandon Sheppard on 4/5/19

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Frequently Asked Questions
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Farmer City Raceway offers reserved seating to any seat sold in advance.

Type of Grandstand
Farmer City Raceway offers bleacher style grandstands.

Stadium Seating
Farmer City Raceway does no allow the use of chairs for its events.

Handicapped Seating
Handicap seating is available in the front rows of the grandstands.

Pit Age Limit
There is no age limits for the pit area. Minors 17 and younger must have a signed parent waiver form.

Personal Coolers
No coolers are allowed to be brought in to the grandstand area.

Credit Card Use

Alcohol Sales
Farmer City Raceway does sell alcohol at its concession stands.

Smoking Policy
Farmer City Raceway does not allow smoking in the grandstands.

Family Section
Farmer City Raceway does no offer a Family Section.

Parking Cost
Parking on racetrack property is free of charge.

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost

Closest Airport
Bloomington, IL (BMI / KBMI) Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal

Other Airport
Champaign, IL (CMI / KCMI) University of Illinois Willard Airport

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Track Phone
(309) 928-9110

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Track Type

Late Model Track Record
11.750 seconds by Brandon Sheppard on 4/5/19

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DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap
McKinney Goes Back-to-Back with Summit Modifieds After Late Pass at Farmer City

Starting from the sixth position, Mike McKinney said after the race, “I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.” And then, a door opened right in front of him.

McKinney, the 30-year-old UMP Modified ace from Plainfield, IL, had worked his way to third with 10 laps remaining in Friday’s DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature at Farmer City Raceway. The two drivers ahead of him – race leader Blake Brown and points leader Tyler Nicely – were in an intense battle for the lead when McKinney caught them in traffic and looked to the inside to make a move for the top spot.

As Brown and Nicely both pushed up the track through Turns 1-2, McKinney used the grip on the bottom lane and slipped past both of them out of Turn 4 to take the lead.

“The bottom was just the only lane open,” McKinney said. “There was a lot of grip down there. It was a little choppy, but I was able to make it work.”

Terry Page Photo

McKinney sped away in traffic, but faced one final challenge in a green-white-checkered finish after the caution was thrown as McKinney was coming for the white flag.

“I really didn’t feel nearly as good,” McKinney said. “I don’t know if I had my tire kinda seal-up there a little bit, but I was really struggling those last few laps. I just knew that if I could keep running my line and hit my marks, I felt like we’d be pretty good.”

Despite his concerns, McKinney was able to hold on for his 18th career Summit Modified victory and second of his career in Summit Modified competition at Farmer City.


Week 4 of Summit Modified racing continues Saturday, July 8 with a visit to Highland Speedway in Highland, IL. Get a ticket at the gate or stream all the action live on DIRTVision.


Feature (25 Laps): 1. 96M-Mike McKinney[6]; 2. 37L-Michael Ledford[3]; 3. 777-Trevor Neville[18]; 4. 99B-Blake Brown[1]; 5. 66-Cole Falloway[8]; 6. 5CS-Curt Spalding[9]; 7. 89-Austin Friedman[2]; 8. 13-Charlie Mefford[5]; 9. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie[11]; 10. 5-Steven Brooks[10]; 11. 50-Tyler Weiss[13]; 12. 24T-Trevor Ringle[12]; 13. 77-Ray Bollinger[7]; 14. 130-Chase Allen[24]; 15. 99T-Tyler Loughmiller[22]; 16. 10K-Kelly Kovski[19]; 17. 150-Collin Alexander[20]; 18. 25-Tyler Nicely[4]; 19. 94-Tom Pasek[14]; 20. 0-Travis Kohler[16]; 21. 54-Zachary Hawk[21]; 22. 25W-Allen Weisser[15]; 23. 14-Caden McWhorter[23]; 24. 36-Kenny Wallace[17]

Feature Results
16+596MMike McKinney 250.00010Running80$1,500
23+137LMichael Ledford 25-0.8750Running75$700
318+15777Trevor Neville 25-1.55715Running70$400
41-399BBlake Brown 25-2.5600Running65$300
58+366Cole Falloway 25-2.6170Running60$275
69+35CSCurt Spalding 25-3.5290Running55$250
72-589Austin Friedman 25-3.8440Running53$225
85-313Charlie Mefford 25-4.2440Running51$200
911+224ZZeke McKenzie 25-4.6540Running49$175
101005Steven Brooks 25-4.6710Running47$150
1113+250Tyler Weiss 25-5.2100Running45$150
1212024TTrevor Ringle 25-6.1600Running44$150
137-677Ray Bollinger 25-6.3100Running43$150
1424+10130Chase Allen 24-1 Laps0Running42$150
1522+799TTyler Loughmiller 24-1 Laps0Running41$150
1619+310KKelly Kovski 23-2 Laps0Running40$150
1720+3150Collin Alexander 21-4 Laps0DNF39$150
184-1425Tyler Nicely 20-5 Laps0DNF38$150
1914-594Tom Pasek 19-6 Laps0DNF37$150
2016-40Travis Kohler 12-13 Laps0DNF36$150
2121054Zachary Hawk 10-15 Laps0DNF35$150
2215-725WAllen Weisser 7-18 Laps0DNF34$150
2323014Caden McWhorter 1-24 Laps0DNF33$150
2417-736Kenny Wallace 0-25 Laps0DNF32$150
Hard Charger: Trevor Neville
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+110KKelly Kovski 80.0008Running0$0
23+1C40Mike Chasteen Jr8-1.3190Running31$50
35+211Kyle Byerline 8-2.2160Running30$50
4403Mike Brooks 8-2.9630Running29$50
59+499TTyler Loughmiller 8-3.9520Running0$0
613+788SAlan Stipp 8-4.6210Running28$50
712+524LSydney Landes 8-5.4320Running27$50
88073Mark Rhoades 8-6.3470Running26$50
97-227RSteve Rex 8-6.3810Running25$50
101-921Lyndon Whitfill 8-7.3660Running24$50
1111081Victor Strong 8-8.6930Running23$50
1215+373XMatthew Duvall 8-10.7740Running22$50
1310-301Don Kiger 8-11.5270Running21$50
146-8130Chase Allen 5-3 Laps0DNF0$0
1514-145Don Hammer 0-8 Laps0DNS20$50
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
110150Collin Alexander 80.0008Running0$0
23+118SJarrett Stryker 8-0.5300Running31$50
35+282Dalton Lane 8-1.0590Running30$50
46+207Curtis King 8-1.7010Running29$50
510+569LJosh Lemke 8-3.3330Running28$50
68+2I99Mikey Kopka 8-3.9360Running27$50
711+481PAustin Phelps 8-4.6110Running26$50
84-499Wade Olmsted 8-5.0280Running25$50
97-254Zachary Hawk 8-5.8860Running0$0
109-144XBlaise Lewis 8-7.3480Running24$50
1112+126Cameron Pierce 7-1 Laps0Running23$50
122-1014Caden McWhorter 1-7 Laps0DNF0$0
1313082STodd Sherman 0-8 Laps0DNS22$50
1414078Scott Maasberg 0-8 Laps0DNS21$50
Heat 1 Results
11089Austin Friedman Forrest, IL0.000
22077Ray Bollinger Kewanee, IL-1.217
36+350Tyler Weiss Allendale, IL-1.855
44021Lyndon Whitfill Fairbury, IL-3.092
53-23Mike Brooks Peoria, IL-4.232
67+127RSteve Rex Youngsville, PA-5.946
78+101Don Kiger Tilton, IL-9.091
85-388SAlan Stipp Fairbury, IL-8 Laps
Heat 2 Results
11096MMike McKinney Plainfield, IL0.000
2205CSCurt Spalding Watervilet, MI-2.253
33025WAllen Weisser Peoria, IL-2.710
44010KKelly Kovski Springfield, IL-4.876
55011Kyle Byerline Mechanicsburg, IL-5.743
66073Mark Rhoades West Chicago, IL-6.292
77081Victor Strong Fairbury, IL-10.604
88045Don Hammer Clinton, IL-8 Laps
Heat 3 Results
12+137LMichael Ledford Pontiac, IL0.000
21-124ZZeke McKenzie Claypool, IN-1.741
33036Kenny Wallace St. Louis, MO-2.615
440C40Mike Chasteen JrPeoria, IL-3.820
58+3130Chase Allen Midlothian, TX-5.099
65-199TTyler Loughmiller Brazil, IN-6.069
76-124LSydney Landes West Terre Haute, IN-6.190
87-173XMatthew Duvall Clay City, IL-12.897
Heat 4 Results
11025Tyler Nicely Owensboro, KY0.000
23+166Cole Falloway Owensboro, KY-1.995
36+394Tom Pasek Momence, IL-5.294
440150Collin Alexander Clinton, IL-5.990
57+299Wade Olmsted Orange city, FL-16.593
65-154Zachary Hawk Rockford, OH-5 Laps
78+169LJosh Lemke West Salem, IL-5 Laps
82-682STodd Sherman Churubusco, IN-6 Laps
Heat 5 Results
12+113Charlie Mefford Belton, KY0.000
23+15Steven Brooks Bourbanais, IL-2.212
34+10Travis Kohler Morris, IL-2.701
41-314Caden McWhorter Fairbury, IL-3.528
56+182Dalton Lane Botkins, OH-4.416
68+2I99Mikey Kopka Astor, FL-6.629
75-281PAustin Phelps Hillsdale, IN-6.769
87-178Scott Maasberg Evansville, IN-6 Laps
Heat 6 Results
12+199BBlake Brown Corbin, KY0.000
23+124TTrevor Ringle Pontiac, IL-1.462
31-2777Trevor Neville Mackinaw, IL-3.362
45+118SJarrett Stryker Breese, IL-3.584
54-107Curtis King Wooler, ON-4.420
66044XBlaise Lewis Kewanee, IL-5.093
77026Cameron Pierce Ashkum, IL-11.952
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
11689Austin Friedman 14.0710.000
22196MMike McKinney 14.074-0.003
3724ZZeke McKenzie 14.076-0.005
41877Ray Bollinger 14.202-0.131
555CSCurt Spalding 14.224-0.153
6437LMichael Ledford 14.230-0.159
7153Mike Brooks 14.271-0.200
8925WAllen Weisser 14.273-0.202
92236Kenny Wallace 14.275-0.204
10321Lyndon Whitfill 14.284-0.213
111710KKelly Kovski 14.374-0.303
1224C40Mike Chasteen Jr14.397-0.326
131388SAlan Stipp 14.430-0.359
14611Kyle Byerline 14.513-0.442
151299TTyler Loughmiller 14.554-0.483
161950Tyler Weiss 14.617-0.546
17273Mark Rhoades 14.630-0.559
18824LSydney Landes 14.714-0.643
191027RSteve Rex 14.748-0.677
201181Victor Strong 14.931-0.860
212373XMatthew Duvall 15.172-1.101
22101Don Kiger 15.232-1.161
232045Don Hammer 15.232-1.161
2414130Chase Allen 15.232-1.161
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1925Tyler Nicely 13.9910.000
2314Caden McWhorter 14.063-0.072
36777Trevor Neville 14.116-0.125
41882STodd Sherman 14.158-0.167
52113Charlie Mefford 14.218-0.227
61199BBlake Brown 14.242-0.251
72066Cole Falloway 14.261-0.270
815Steven Brooks 14.343-0.352
91724TTrevor Ringle 14.345-0.354
1015150Collin Alexander 14.591-0.600
11130Travis Kohler 14.592-0.601
12407Curtis King 14.689-0.698
13754Zachary Hawk 14.707-0.716
142381PAustin Phelps 14.737-0.746
15818SJarrett Stryker 14.770-0.779
161094Tom Pasek 14.853-0.862
17582Dalton Lane 14.866-0.875
181644XBlaise Lewis 15.150-1.159
19299Wade Olmsted 15.346-1.355
201978Scott Maasberg 15.379-1.388
211226Cameron Pierce 17.555-3.564
221469LJosh Lemke 17.555-3.564
2322I99Mikey Kopka 17.555-3.564