Herald & Review 100
Macon Speedway | Macon, Illinois
Thursday, July 06, 2023

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (217) 764-3000

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Herald & Review 100
Macon Speedway
205 N Wiles St
Macon, Illinois 62544 

Event Description
The Herald & Review 100 is one of Illinois dirt track racing's most historic events and celebrates its 43rd running on Thursday, July 6.

A $7,500 grand prize is on the line for the winner of the 100-lap event that remains the single most prestigious event to win in DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models history.

series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
10.228 seconds by Billy Moyer on 4/30/15

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

To Win Amount

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Track Phone
(217) 764-3000

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Late Model Track Record
10.228 seconds by Billy Moyer on 4/30/15

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Race Recap
Mike McKinney Leads Summit Modifieds Flag-to-Flag for First Career Win at Macon

For only having raced the Mighty Macon Speedway twice before in his career, you wouldn’t have known it watching Mike McKinney’s night of domination at the 1/5-mile bullring Thursday night.

McKinney, 30, of Plainfield, IL, bagged his first career Feature win at Macon and his first DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals win of the season with a clean sweep of the evening – setting Quick Time and a new track record in Qualifying, winning his Heat Race and leading all 25 laps of the Feature to collect his 17th career Summit Modified trophy. Not bad for a driver who hadn’t graced the black dirt high banks in some time.

“I came in here with zero expectations,” McKinney said. “We were gonna come here and just say we were here; I was just hoping to make it out of here in one piece. To set that new track record, win the Heat Race and lead every lap in the Feature, it was the last thing on my mind, for sure.”

McKinney (96M) holding off McKenzie (24) and Bollinger (77) (Josh James Artwork)

Though no driver was able to seriously challenge him for the lead, McKinney endured race-long pressure from podium finishers Zeke McKenzie and Ray Bollinger, which he fended off, though it was no cakewalk.

“The bottom had a lot of grip,” McKinney said. “I figured if I could marry myself down there, it would take a hell of an effort to drive around me.”


The DIRTcar Summit Modifieds are back in action Friday, July 7 at Farmer City Raceway in Farmer City, IL. Tickets will be on sale at the gate; streaming is available at DIRTVision.com.


Feature (25 Laps): 1. 96M-Mike McKinney[1]; 2. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie[3]; 3. 77-Ray Bollinger[2]; 4. 4T-Guy Taylor[6]; 5. 24T-Trevor Ringle[7]; 6. J24-Jeremy Nichols[17]; 7. 130-Chase Allen[14]; 8. 13-Charlie Mefford[9]; 9. 94-Tom Pasek[12]; 10. 72A-Austin Lynn[22]; 11. 19-Chad Bauer[15]; 12. 82S-Todd Sherman[10]; 13. 82-Dalton Lane[8]; 14. 99-Tim Luttrell[20]; 15. 18S-Jarrett Stryker[13]; 16. 87C-Alan Crowder[21]; 17. 37L-Michael Ledford[11]; 18. 43-Jared Thomas[5]; 19. 21-Steve Myers[16]; 20. 5CS-Curt Spalding[23]; 21. 28S-Joe Strawkas[18]; 22. 99B-Blake Brown[4]; 23. 54-Zachary Hawk[19]

Feature Results
11096MMike McKinney 250.00025Running80$1,500
23+124ZZeke McKenzie 25-0.4030Running75$700
32-177Ray Bollinger 25-0.8080Running70$400
46+24TGuy Taylor 25-2.0220Running65$300
57+224TTrevor Ringle 25-3.2350Running60$275
617+11J24Jeremy Nichols 25-3.9510Running55$250
714+7130Chase Allen 25-4.6430Running53$225
89+113Charlie Mefford 25-5.6900Running51$200
912+394Tom Pasek 25-6.1000Running49$175
1022+1272AAustin Lynn 25-6.5860Running47$150
1115+419Chad Bauer 25-6.9920Running45$150
1210-282STodd Sherman 25-7.1990Running44$150
138-582Dalton Lane 25-7.9900Running43$150
1420+699Tim Luttrell 25-8.0730Running42$150
1513-218SJarrett Stryker 25-8.5720Running41$150
1621+587CAlan Crowder 25-9.1670Running40$150
1711-637LMichael Ledford 18-7 Laps0DNF39$150
185-1343Jared Thomas 15-10 Laps0DNF38$150
1916-321Steve Myers 14-11 Laps0DNF37$150
2023+35CSCurt Spalding 11-14 Laps0DNF36$150
2118-328SJoe Strawkas 10-15 Laps0DNF35$150
224-1899BBlake Brown 2-23 Laps0DNF34$150
2319-454Zachary Hawk 0-25 Laps0DNF33$150
Hard Charger: Austin Lynn
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+1J24Jeremy Nichols 80.0008Running0$0
26+427RSteve Rex 8-0.3740Running32$50
35+299Tim Luttrell 8-1.0520Running0$0
413+97BBrian Burns 8-2.0160Running31$50
511+607Curtis King 8-2.4520Running30$50
610+427Dalton Ewing 8-2.5120Running29$50
71-654Zachary Hawk 8-2.5250Running0$0
89+10Tim Hancock Sr8-3.1810Running28$50
94-54MClint Martin 4-4 Laps0DNF27$50
107-387CAlan Crowder 1-7 Laps0DNF0$0
113-850Tyler Weiss 0-8 Laps0DNS26$50
128-444XBlaise Lewis 0-8 Laps0DNS25$50
1312-19Chad Cornett 0-8 Laps0DNS24$50
Last Chance Showdown 2 Results
11028SJoe Strawkas 80.0008Running0$0
213+115CSCurt Spalding 8-1.0420Running0$0
34+172AAustin Lynn 8-1.1650Running0$0
43-145MJared Morrison 8-2.2250Running32$50
52-371Jeff Graham 8-3.3700Running31$50
66033Josh Robb 7-1 Laps0Running30$50
75-278Scott Maasberg 0-8 Laps0DNS29$50
87-112LBryan Leach 0-8 Laps0DNS28$50
98-127TTom Wakefield 0-8 Laps0DNS27$50
109-169LJosh Lemke 0-8 Laps0DNS26$50
1110-143JBilly Justice Jr0-8 Laps0DNS25$50
1211-121JClay Harris 0-8 Laps0DNS24$50
1312-155Justin Jones 0-8 Laps0DNS23$50
Heat 1 Results
11096MMike McKinney Plainfield, IL0.000
22043Jared Thomas Edinburg, IL-0.401
33013Charlie Mefford Belton, KY-1.992
44018SJarrett Stryker Breese, IL-4.326
57+254Zachary Hawk Rockford, OH-4.888
66050Tyler Weiss Allendale, IL-7.136
75-299Tim Luttrell Riverton, IL-7.257
88087CAlan Crowder Elwin, IL-7.599
910+10Tim Hancock SrMount Olive, IL-8.171
109-107Curtis King Wooler, ON-11.725
111107BBrian Burns Bethany, IL65.122
Heat 2 Results
12+199BBlake Brown Corbin, KY0.000
21-124TTrevor Ringle Pontiac, IL-1.554
33037LMichael Ledford Pontiac, IL-1.604
44019Chad Bauer Farwell, MI-2.652
550J24Jeremy Nichols Findlay, IL-3.148
6604MClint Martin Ramsey, IL-4.276
77027RSteve Rex Youngsville, PA-5.904
88044XBlaise Lewis Kewanee, IL-7.202
910+127Dalton Ewing Decatur, IL-7.405
109-19Chad Cornett Festus, MO-8.291
Heat 3 Results
12+124ZZeke McKenzie Claypool, IN0.000
29+74TGuy Taylor Springfield, IL-1.057
36+382STodd Sherman Churubusco, IN-1.693
45+1130Chase Allen Midlothian, TX-2.339
510+528SJoe Strawkas Buffalo, IL-2.766
67+145MJared Morrison St. Elmo, IL-3.676
711+478Scott Maasberg Evansville, IN-4.145
88012LBryan Leach Harvel, IL364.857
94-569LJosh Lemke West Salem, IL364.090
103-721JClay Harris Jupiter, FL526.653
111-105CSCurt Spalding Watervilet, MI526.653
Heat 4 Results
12+177Ray Bollinger Kewanee, IL0.000
23+182Dalton Lane Botkins, OH-1.884
36+394Tom Pasek Momence, IL-3.673
41-321Steve Myers Bethalto, IL-4.822
58+371Jeff Graham Stonington, IL-5.534
67+172AAustin Lynn Mason City, IL-5.728
79+233Josh Robb Mt.zion, IL-6.959
85-327TTom Wakefield Hustontown, PA377.098
910+143JBilly Justice JrCerro Gordo, IL375.811
104-655Justin Jones Noble, IL375.711
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
11996MMike McKinney 11.1380.000
21324TTrevor Ringle 11.348-0.210
31543Jared Thomas 11.362-0.224
41299BBlake Brown 11.463-0.325
5213Charlie Mefford 11.529-0.391
6737LMichael Ledford 11.542-0.404
72018SJarrett Stryker 11.563-0.425
8919Chad Bauer 11.588-0.450
9499Tim Luttrell 11.616-0.478
1014J24Jeremy Nichols 11.635-0.497
11150Tyler Weiss 11.660-0.522
1254MClint Martin 11.720-0.582
131154Zachary Hawk 11.757-0.619
141627RSteve Rex 11.768-0.630
15687CAlan Crowder 11.787-0.649
161744XBlaise Lewis 11.816-0.678
171807Curtis King 11.955-0.817
1889Chad Cornett 11.982-0.844
19210Tim Hancock Sr12.010-0.872
20327Dalton Ewing 12.191-1.053
21107BBrian Burns 12.486-1.348
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1145CSCurt Spalding 11.3370.000
21721Steve Myers 11.342-0.005
31624ZZeke McKenzie 11.346-0.009
4777Ray Bollinger 11.356-0.019
5121JClay Harris 11.407-0.070
6482Dalton Lane 11.450-0.113
7569LJosh Lemke 11.466-0.129
81055Justin Jones 11.530-0.193
919130Chase Allen 11.564-0.227
102027TTom Wakefield 11.589-0.252
11382STodd Sherman 11.605-0.268
12694Tom Pasek 11.698-0.361
13845MJared Morrison 11.699-0.362
141872AAustin Lynn 11.797-0.460
151512LBryan Leach 11.859-0.522
161371Jeff Graham 11.868-0.531
1794TGuy Taylor 11.938-0.601
181233Josh Robb 11.954-0.617
192128SJoe Strawkas 11.955-0.618
201143JBilly Justice Jr12.073-0.736
21278Scott Maasberg 12.203-0.866