Week 3: Summit Modified Nationals
Lake Cumberland Speedway | Burnside, Kentucky
Monday, July 03, 2023

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (606) 341-1228

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Week 3: Summit Modified Nationals
Lake Cumberland Speedway
360 Racetrack Road
Burnside, Kentucky 42519 

Event Description
The DIRTcar Summer Nationals makes its debut at the 3/8-mile, red clay oval of Lake Cumberland – the 10th track in the State of Kentucky the tour has visited in its 38-year history.

series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
12.524 seconds by Mike Marlar

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

To Win Amount

Track Info
Track Phone
(606) 341-1228

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Track Type
0.375; Clay Oval

Late Model Track Record
12.524 seconds by Mike Marlar

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Race Recap
Brown Passes Falloway Late to Win First Career Summit Modified Feature at Lake Cumberland

With a fast car underneath him and a chance to take the lead sitting dead ahead, Blake Brown stomped the throttle and made the move.

Brown, of Corbin, KY, caught race-long leader and fellow Kentuckian Cole Falloway with six laps remaining in Monday’s DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature at Lake Cumberland Speedway and swung it to the high side, driving around Falloway out of Turn 4 and crossing the stripe to complete Lap 15.

Brown (99) sealing the pass on Falloway (66) (Josh James Artwork)

Now with the lead, Brown was in control. One final restart after a caution with four laps remaining gave Falloway an opportunity to take the lead back, but he was unsuccessful. Brown held he and the rest of the field off to score his first career Summit Modified victory in front of his home-state crowd.

“There’s a lot of good people here – this is, basically, my home track,” Brown said. “The Heat Race wasn’t what I really wanted to have with all this work for the next five days and a six-hour drive tonight, but it’s one heck of a way to start off the Hell Tour, for sure.”


The DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modifieds are back in action Tuesday, July 4 with the kickoff to Week 4 at Tri-City Speedway in Pontoon Beach, IL. Tickets will be available at the gate; streaming available at DIRTVision.com.


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 99B-Blake Brown[4]; 2. 66-Cole Falloway[2]; 3. 10-Bryan Barber[6]; 4. 1H-Ben Harmon[1]; 5. 49-Billy Green[9]; 6. 26-Joseph Husband[8]; 7. 8-Jeremy Elliotte[12]; 8. 27R-Steve Rex[15]; 9. 99-Shannon Elrod[7]; 10. 16-Jamie Mosley[5]; 11. 6M-Brennan Meadows[14]; 12. G3-Marcus Griffith[16]; 13. 69-Tim Patrick[13]; 14. 6G-Ashton Gaffner[18]; 15. 4-Adrian Smith[17]; 16. 65-Aaron Covington[20]; 17. 13P-Sarah Patrick[21]; 18. 21J-Clay Harris[10]; 19. 66M-Jordan Meadows[19]; 20. 99P-Jerry Pyles[11]; 21. 97-Mitch Thomas[22]; 22. 1C-Dustin Cordier[3]

Feature Results
14+399BBlake Brown 200.0007Running77$1,500
22066Cole Falloway 20-0.99613Running72$700
36+310Bryan Barber 20-3.0990Running67$400
41-31HBen Harmon 20-4.3300Running62$300
59+449Billy Green 201,545.6430Running57$275
68+226Joseph Husband 20-7.8080Running52$250
712+58Jeremy Elliotte 20-8.2350Running50$225
815+727RSteve Rex 20-8.4640Running48$200
97-299Shannon Elrod 20-8.7850Running46$175
105-516Jamie Mosley 20-9.5450Running44$150
1114+36MBrennan Meadows 20-9.9100Running42$150
1216+4G3Marcus Griffith 20-11.0650Running41$150
1313069Tim Patrick 20-12.6160Running40$150
1418+46GAshton Gaffner 20-14.6100Running39$150
1517+24Adrian Smith 20-14.9080Running38$150
1620+465Aaron Covington 19-1 Laps0Running37$150
1721+413PSarah Patrick 19-1 Laps0Running36$150
1810-821JClay Harris 16-4 Laps0DNF35$150
1919066MJordan Meadows 8-12 Laps0DNF34$150
2011-999PJerry Pyles 6-14 Laps0DNF33$150
2122+197Mitch Thomas 3-17 Laps0DNF32$150
223-191CDustin Cordier 0-20 Laps0DNF31$150
Hard Charger: Steve Rex
Last Chance Showdown Results
110G3Marcus Griffith 80.0008Running0$0
24+24Adrian Smith 8-0.8830Running0$0
3306GAshton Gaffner 8-1.6310Running0$0
47+366MJordan Meadows 8-1.7490Running0$0
59+465Aaron Covington 8-2.8560Running0$0
66022HGary Hebrock Jr.6-2 Laps0DNF30$50
712+569PSteven Powell 4-4 Laps0DNF29$50
88060BJeremy Bowens 4-4 Laps0DNF28$50
92-74FCarson Freeman 3-5 Laps0DNF27$50
105-513PSarah Patrick 1-7 Laps0DNF0$0
1110-197Mitch Thomas 0-8 Laps0DNS0$0
1211-144Jr Kelsay 0-8 Laps0DNS26$50
Heat 1 Results
1101HBen Harmon Brooks, KY0.000
23+199BBlake Brown Corbin, KY-2.347
35+299Shannon Elrod Baxter, TN-2.767
44021JClay Harris Jupiter, FL-3.735
57+269Tim Patrick Albany, KY-5.556
68+2G3Marcus Griffith Hazard, KY-5.741
76-14Adrian Smith Albany, KY-6.447
89+166MJordan Meadows Pocahontas, IL-7.822
92-797Mitch Thomas Oakland, MD-5 Laps
Heat 2 Results
1101CDustin Cordier Stanford, KY0.000
22016Jamie Mosley London, KY-0.623
33026Joseph Husband Paint Lick, KY-2.679
44099PJerry Pyles Somerset, KY-3.405
5506MBrennan Meadows Pocahontas, IL-4.390
6604FCarson Freeman glencoe, KY-5.149
77013PSarah Patrick Albany, KY-8.347
89+160BJeremy Bowens Burlington, KY-10.504
98-144Jr Kelsay Columbia, KY-12.215
Heat 3 Results
11066Cole Falloway Owensboro, KY0.000
22010Bryan Barber Buffalo, KY-1.988
33049Billy Green Walton, KY-13.747
4408Jeremy Elliotte Corbin, KY-5.239
55027RSteve Rex Youngsville, PA-5.578
67+16GAshton Gaffner Greenville, IL-8.569
76-122HGary Hebrock Jr.Stanford, KY-10.280
88065Aaron Covington WARSAW, KY-11.598
99069PSteven Powell Corbin, KY-13.747
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
181HBen Harmon 14.4240.000
2997Mitch Thomas 14.662-0.238
3799BBlake Brown 14.741-0.317
4321JClay Harris 14.751-0.327
5199Shannon Elrod 15.182-0.758
644Adrian Smith 15.564-1.140
7269Tim Patrick 15.703-1.279
85G3Marcus Griffith 15.976-1.552
9666MJordan Meadows 16.129-1.705
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
141CDustin Cordier 14.7570.000
2516Jamie Mosley 14.862-0.105
3926Joseph Husband 15.087-0.330
4299PJerry Pyles 15.089-0.332
576MBrennan Meadows 15.192-0.435
614FCarson Freeman 15.449-0.692
7313PSarah Patrick 15.921-1.164
8644Jr Kelsay 16.152-1.395
9860BJeremy Bowens 16.158-1.401
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1266Cole Falloway 14.1160.000
2610Bryan Barber 14.339-0.223
3749Billy Green 14.347-0.231
458Jeremy Elliotte 14.763-0.647
5927RSteve Rex 14.920-0.804
6422HGary Hebrock Jr.15.652-1.536
786GAshton Gaffner 15.823-1.707
8365Aaron Covington 16.015-1.899
9169PSteven Powell 16.015-1.899