Week 2: DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Lincoln Speedway (IL) | Lincoln, Illinois
Sunday, June 25, 2023

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (217) 764-3200

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Week 2: DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Lincoln Speedway (IL)
1408 Short 11th St
Lincoln, Illinois 62656 

Event Description
Lincoln hosted the unofficial "Race of the Year" on last year's Summer Nationals slate, when Feger, Babb, Pierce and Unzicker took center stage in a knock-down, drag-out Sunday night scramble in the closing laps. What will 2023 bring?

The Late Models & Summit Modifieds meet this 1/4-mile, black dirt bullring to cap-off Week #3 – another home of weekly DIRTcar competition.

series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
12.219 seconds by Dennis Erb Jr. on 6/28/09

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

To Win Amount

Track Info
Track Phone
(217) 764-3200

Ticket Phone
(217) 735-1833

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Track Type
0.250; Semi Banked Dirt Oval

Late Model Track Record
12.219 seconds by Dennis Erb Jr. on 6/28/09

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Race Recap
Weisser Beats Nicely After Clash with Lapped Traffic at Lincoln

Allen Weisser had led since the drop of the green with Tyler Nicely right on his heels. He crossed the stripe to take the white flag – surely, he could hold the DIRTcar national points leader off for one more lap. Or so he hoped.

Weisser, the DIRTcar UMP Modified ace from Peoria, IL, rolled through the middle of Lincoln Speedway with Nicely creeping to his inside through Turns 1-2. The lapped car of Casey Lappin also rolled through the middle groove directly ahead of the leaders and stayed out front as they entered Turn 3.

As Weisser pulled up to the rear bumper of Lappin entering Turn 3, Lappin opted for the middle groove like Weisser, leaving the door open down low for Nicely to take one final shot for the win.

Nicely (25) making contact with Lappin (48) as Weisser steps to the outside to avoid. (Terry Page Photo)

Weisser stayed in the gas behind Lappin as Nicely pulled ahead slightly with a big run out of Turn 4. As Lappin came out of the corner, Weisser tagged his backside down the frontstretch, and Nicely made contact of his own with Lappin before the stripe, slowing his progress as Weisser snuck by on the outside and crossed the line first to score the win – the fifth of his DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals career.

“I didn’t know where to go,” Weisser said of his thoughts on the final lap. “I knew Nicely was gonna be right there. That lapped car was right there, and I just had to push this thing.


The Summit Modifieds will take Monday and Tuesday off while their Summer Nationals Late Model counterparts are racing in Springfield, MO, and pick the action back up Wednesday, June 28, at Adams County (IL) Speedway in Quincy, IL. Tickets will be available at the gate; streaming live at DIRTVision.com.


Feature (20 Laps): 1. 25W-Allen Weisser[1]; 2. 25-Tyler Nicely[3]; 3. 24H-Mike Harrison[2]; 4. 96M-Mike McKinney[7]; 5. 8-Kyle Steffens[8]; 6. 10K-Kelly Kovski[5]; 7. 43-Jared Thomas[10]; 8. 14-Brian Lynn[16]; 9. 77-Ray Bollinger[20]; 10. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie[4]; 11. 99-Tim Luttrell[15]; 12. 35-Brandon Roberts[17]; 13. 48-Casey Lappin[12]; 14. 14K-Shane Kelley[18]; 15. 72A-Austin Lynn[19]; 16. 96C-Marshall Call[24]; 17. 23LG-Luke Gebhardt[21]; 18. 69-Derek Roberts[23]; 19. 54-Zachary Hawk[22]; 20. 24T-Trevor Ringle[6]; 21. 82-Dalton Lane[9]; 22. 777-Trevor Neville[11]; 23. 3-Mike Brooks[13]; 24. 45-Don Hammer[14]

Feature Results
11025WAllen Weisser 200.00020Running75$1,500
23+125Tyler Nicely 20-0.2921Running70$700
32-124HMike Harrison 20-2.8710Running65$400
47+396MMike McKinney 20-3.3380Running60$300
58+38Kyle Steffens 19-1 Laps0Running55$275
65-110KKelly Kovski 19-1 Laps0Running50$250
710+343Jared Thomas 19-1 Laps0Running48$225
816+814Brian Lynn 19-1 Laps0Running46$200
920+1177Ray Bollinger 19-1 Laps0Running44$175
104-624ZZeke McKenzie 19-1 Laps0Running42$150
1115+499Tim Luttrell 19-1 Laps0Running40$150
1217+535Brandon Roberts 19-1 Laps0Running39$150
1312-148Casey Lappin 19-1 Laps0Running38$150
1418+414KShane Kelley 18-2 Laps0Running37$150
1519+472AAustin Lynn 18-2 Laps0Running36$150
1624+896CMarshall Call 18-2 Laps0Running35$150
1721+423LGLuke Gebhardt 18-2 Laps0Running34$150
1823+569Derek Roberts 17-3 Laps0Running33$150
1922+354Zachary Hawk 12-8 Laps0DNF32$150
206-1424TTrevor Ringle 0-20 Laps0DNF31$150
219-1282Dalton Lane 0-20 Laps0DNF30$150
2211-11777Trevor Neville 0-20 Laps0DNF29$150
2313-103Mike Brooks 0-20 Laps0DNF28$150
2414-1045Don Hammer 0-20 Laps0DNF27$150
Hard Charger: Ray Bollinger
Heat 1 Results
12+124HMike Harrison Highland, IL0.000
21-124ZZeke McKenzie Claypool, IN-0.457
33096MMike McKinney Plainfield, IL-0.878
44043Jared Thomas Edinburg, IL-1.898
56+13Mike Brooks Peoria, IL-2.461
65-114Brian Lynn Mason City, IL-3.662
78+172AAustin Lynn Mason City, IL-5.639
87-154Zachary Hawk Rockford, OH-8 Laps
Heat 2 Results
12+125WAllen Weisser Peoria, IL0.000
21-110KKelly Kovski Springfield, IL-0.456
35+28Kyle Steffens St. Charles, MO-1.055
440777Trevor Neville Mackinaw, IL-1.382
53-245Don Hammer Clinton, IL-3.144
66035Brandon Roberts Ashland, IL-3.865
77077Ray Bollinger Kewanee, IL-5.675
88069Derek Roberts Peoria, IL-8.839
Heat 3 Results
11025Tyler Nicely Owensboro, KY0.000
24+224TTrevor Ringle Pontiac, IL-2.004
33082Dalton Lane Botkins, OH-3.104
46+248Casey Lappin Bartonville, IL-3.808
52-399Tim Luttrell Riverton, IL-4.141
68+214KShane Kelley Pekin, IL-4.472
77023LGLuke Gebhardt Streator, IL-5.546
85-396CMarshall Call Springfield, IL-8 Laps
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1324ZZeke McKenzie 14.4950.000
2824HMike Harrison 14.634-0.139
3696MMike McKinney 14.664-0.169
4543Jared Thomas 14.743-0.248
5414Brian Lynn 14.906-0.411
673Mike Brooks 15.162-0.667
7154Zachary Hawk 15.218-0.723
8272AAustin Lynn 15.252-0.757
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1510KKelly Kovski 14.7470.000
2125WAllen Weisser 14.761-0.014
3245Don Hammer 14.836-0.089
47777Trevor Neville 14.898-0.151
548Kyle Steffens 14.905-0.158
6835Brandon Roberts 15.020-0.273
7677Ray Bollinger 15.061-0.314
8369Derek Roberts 15.458-0.711
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1525Tyler Nicely 15.1410.000
2799Tim Luttrell 15.182-0.041
3182Dalton Lane 15.190-0.049
4624TTrevor Ringle 15.191-0.050
5296CMarshall Call 15.291-0.150
6448Casey Lappin 15.662-0.521
7323LGLuke Gebhardt 15.662-0.521
8814KShane Kelley 15.662-0.521