Week 2: DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Saturday, June 24, 2023

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (636) 479-3219

Event Info

Week 2: DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55
1540 Herky-Horine
Pevely, Missouri 63070 

Event Description
Another chapter in the long and storied history of the DIRTcar Summer Nationals at the famed 1/3-mile oval of I-55 will be written in 2023 – one year removed from 3X Hell Tour champion Dennis Erb Jr's sweep of both races there last year.

series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Sprint Car Track Record
9.995 seconds by Kyle Larson on 5/22/20

Late Model Track Record
12.081 seconds by Billy Moyer on 6/23/07

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Frequently Asked Questions
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Sec ABC Sec K

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Stadium chairs allowed

Handicapped Seating
End of all bleachers

Handicapped Parking
In front of main Gate

Pit Age Limit
No Age limit - All minor's require proper waiver

Pit Gate Location
Pit gate is location near the drag strip entrance

Personal Coolers
No personal coolers allowed

Credit Card Use
Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Alcohol is available for sale at the track

Smoking Policy
No smoking in grandstands

Family Section

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Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
No Charge

Closest Airport

Other Airport
St. Louis

Track Info
Track Phone
(636) 479-3219

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

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Track Type
0.333; High-banked

Sprint Car Track Record
9.995 seconds by Kyle Larson on 5/22/20

Late Model Track Record
12.081 seconds by Billy Moyer on 6/23/07

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DIRTVision Highlights
Race Recap
Harrison Retakes Lead from Wallace in Closing Laps to Win I-55

After getting out to a sizable lead in traffic on the DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals field, it appeared to be in the bag for six-time champion Mike Harrison. But the race was far from over.

With only six laps remaining, Harrison had a lead of almost two seconds built up on fellow Summit Modified champion Kenny Wallace when he suddenly ended up in the Turn 2 wall, allowing Wallace to close the gap.

“The car just took off in a bad push and I couldn’t steer out of it,” Harrison said. “Finally, by the time I did gas/brake and got it to steer out of it, I was in the wall.

Wallace (36) leading Harrison (24H) in the final laps. (Terry Page Photo)

Wallace, powering around the lowest lane on the track, took the lead with two-to-go and did his best to defend on the bottom, but was unable to hold back the No. 24H. Harrison wound it up on the top side of the track and carried enough momentum to get back by Wallace for the lead coming to the white flag.

“Kenny was underneath me and I just had to go into full-send mode, otherwise I was gonna lose,” Harrison said.

Harrison drove it back around to the checkers ahead of Wallace by less than a car length to score his 59th career Summit Modified Feature win.


The DIRTcar Summit Modified action continues on Sunday, June 25, at Lincoln Speedway in Lincoln, IL. Tickets will be available at the gate; streaming is available on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature (20 Laps): 1. 24H-Mike Harrison[1]; 2. 36-Kenny Wallace[3]; 3. 18L-Michael Long[6]; 4. 8-Kyle Steffens[4]; 5. 1D-Dean Hoffman[7]; 6. 14C-Rick Conoyer[5]; 7. 12L-Lucas Lee[11]; 8. 25-Tyler Nicely[13]; 9. 66-Cole Falloway[16]; 10. 24Z-Zeke McKenzie[9]; 11. 10X-Jim Black[2]; 12. 00S-Chris Spalding[10]; 13. 00Z-Steve Picou[8]; 14. J82-Treb Jacoby[18]; 15. 13-Charlie Mefford[17]; 16. 9-Chad Cornett[21]; 17. 1A-Steve Meyer Jr[15]; 18. 58R-Ryan Hamilton[12]; 19. 77D-Drake Stevenson[14]; 20. 51M-Joe Mercurio[19]; 21. 66W-Tyler Worley[20]; 22. 82-Dalton Lane[22]

Feature Results
11024HMike Harrison 200.00019Running78$1,500
23+136Kenny Wallace 20-0.4261Running73$700
36+318LMichael Long 20-1.3430Running68$400
4408Kyle Steffens 20-1.9940Running63$300
57+21DDean Hoffman 20-5.0830Running58$275
65-114CRick Conoyer 20-5.4490Running53$250
711+412LLucas Lee 20-6.9400Running51$225
813+525Tyler Nicely 20-7.3810Running49$200
916+766Cole Falloway 20-8.4110Running47$175
109-124ZZeke McKenzie 20-9.3490Running45$150
112-910XJim Black 20-9.7440Running43$150
1210-200SChris Spalding 20-10.1050Running42$150
138-500ZSteve Picou 20-11.3670Running41$150
1418+4J82Treb Jacoby 20-12.1850Running40$150
1517+213Charlie Mefford 20-12.3740Running39$150
1621+59Chad Cornett 20-14.8830Running38$150
1715-21ASteve Meyer Jr.20-16.5640Running37$150
1812-658RRyan Hamilton 19-1 Laps0Running36$150
1914-577DDrake Stevenson 19-1 Laps0Running35$150
2019-151MJoe Mercurio 19-1 Laps0Running34$150
2120-166WTyler Worley 19-1 Laps0Running33$150
2222082Dalton Lane 8-12 Laps0DNF32$150
Hard Charger: Cole Falloway
Last Chance Showdown Results
11066Cole Falloway 80.0008Running0$0
22013Charlie Mefford 8-2.3200Running0$0
36+3J82Treb Jacoby 8-5.0250Running0$0
43-182Dalton Lane 8-6.9450Running0$0
5509Chad Cornett 8-7.6710Running0$0
64-218MMatt Dickerman 8-8.3700Running31$150
712+566WTyler Worley 8-8.3880Running0$0
89+1188Jeremy Sneed 8-9.1730Running30$150
98-139Don Grimm 8-10.1600Running29$150
107-351MJoe Mercurio 8-10.7210Running0$0
1111024DJesse Dill 2-6 Laps0DNF28$150
1210-24TJake Trebilcock 0-8 Laps0DNS27$150
1313014C.J. Springer 0-8 Laps0DNS26$150
Heat 1 Results
11036Kenny Wallace St. Louis, MO0.000
23+18Kyle Steffens St. Charles, MO-1.314
34+11DDean Hoffman Troy, IL-1.809
49+500SChris Spalding Montgomery City, MO-2.966
55025Tyler Nicely Owensboro, KY-3.351
62-466Cole Falloway Owensboro, KY-3.372
710+318MMatt Dickerman St. Louis, MO-4.539
87-151MJoe Mercurio Belleville, IL-5.036
98-14TJake Trebilcock Caseyville, IL-3 Laps
106-414C.J. Springer Damiansville, IL-6 Laps
Heat 2 Results
11010XJim Black Bonne Terre, MO0.000
26+414CRick Conoyer Wentzville, MO-0.580
37+400ZSteve Picou High Ridge, MO-0.800
48+412LLucas Lee Paris, TN-1.346
53-277DDrake Stevenson O'Fallen, MO-1.637
64-213Charlie Mefford Belton, KY-2.241
79+29Chad Cornett Festus, MO-2.930
85-339Don Grimm Edwardsville, IL-2.980
92-724DJesse Dill Desoto, MO-3.010
Heat 3 Results
12+124HMike Harrison Highland, IL0.000
21-118LMichael Long Fowler, IL-0.411
34+124ZZeke McKenzie Claypool, IN-1.188
45+158RRyan Hamilton Fairview Heights, IL-2.055
53-21ASteve Meyer Jr.Staunton, IL-2.289
67+182Dalton Lane Botkins, OH-3.162
79+2J82Treb Jacoby O'fallon, MO-3.338
86-2188Jeremy Sneed Cedar Hill, TN-4.076
98-166WTyler Worley St. Genevieve, MO-4.148
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1836Kenny Wallace 14.2190.000
2266Cole Falloway 14.286-0.067
338Kyle Steffens 14.488-0.269
461DDean Hoffman 14.524-0.305
5425Tyler Nicely 14.572-0.353
6514C.J. Springer 14.675-0.456
71051MJoe Mercurio 14.738-0.519
874TJake Trebilcock 14.911-0.692
9900SChris Spalding 14.996-0.777
10118MMatt Dickerman 14.996-0.777
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1710XJim Black 14.0850.000
2624DJesse Dill 14.114-0.029
3277DDrake Stevenson 14.262-0.177
4113Charlie Mefford 14.288-0.203
5539Don Grimm 14.514-0.429
6914CRick Conoyer 14.579-0.494
7300ZSteve Picou 14.651-0.566
8412LLucas Lee 14.686-0.601
989Chad Cornett 14.745-0.660
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1818LMichael Long 13.9300.000
2124HMike Harrison 14.001-0.071
391ASteve Meyer Jr.14.127-0.197
4324ZZeke McKenzie 14.271-0.341
5558RRyan Hamilton 14.507-0.577
62188Jeremy Sneed 14.536-0.606
7682Dalton Lane 14.630-0.700
8766WTyler Worley 14.801-0.871
94J82Treb Jacoby 14.923-0.993