Birthday Race
Oakshade Raceway | Wauseon, Ohio
Saturday, July 15, 2023
Feature Results
15+412Ashton Winger 500.00036Running80$10,000
22044SColin Shipley 50-2.8330Running75$5,000
313+1049Brian Ruhlman 50-8.7880Running70$3,000
410+65MRyan Markham 50-11.5970Running65$2,000
514+975Dusty Moore 50-12.6940Running60$1,800
66031AUSKye Blight 50-13.8650Running55$1,600
711+427Eric Spangler 49-1 Laps0Running53$1,400
816+81NCasey Noonan 40-10 Laps0DNF51$1,200
917+845Jamie Grochowski 48-2 Laps0DNF49$1,000
104-691Rusty Schlenk 35-15 Laps1DNF47$700
117-451SDevin Shiels 35-15 Laps0DNF45$500
121208Rob Anderzack 35-15 Laps0DNF44$500
133-1024Ryan Unzicker 30-20 Laps13DNF43$500
1415+163Terry Rushlow 27-23 Laps0DNF42$500
159-669Brandon Thirlby 16-34 Laps0DNF41$500
1624+871DSDrew Smith 15-35 Laps0DNF40$500
178-950Ryan Missler 10-40 Laps0DNF39$500
1820+223Brad Wade 10-40 Laps0DNF38$500
1919057Steve Kester 9-41 Laps0DNF37$500
201-194GBob Gardner 7-43 Laps0DNF36$500
2118-371Rusty Smith 6-44 Laps0DNF35$500
2222056BJ Gregory 4-46 Laps0DNF34$500
2323019MCarter Murday 3-47 Laps0DNF33$500
2421-3P3Jeff Robertson 3-47 Laps0DNF32$500
Hard Charger: Brian Ruhlman
Last Chance Showdown Results
14+357Steve Kester 100.0009Running0$0
23+123Brad Wade 10-1.7390Running0$0
35+271JJoe Smith 10-2.5010Running31$350
46+206Jake Rendel 10-3.0780Running30$325
512+727HKen Hahn 10-3.7440Running29$300
616+1095MSteve Miller 10-4.8850Running28$250
79+282SSShaun Sharp 10-11.7530Running27$200
81-795JJerry Bowersock 7-3 Laps1DNF26$175
92-736Joel Morton 6-4 Laps0DNF25$150
108-2101Chester Fitch 6-4 Laps0DNF24$125
1110-171DSDrew Smith 4-6 Laps0DNF0$0
1211-174Jeff Warnick 4-6 Laps0DNF23$100
1314+156BJ Gregory 4-6 Laps0DNF0$0
1413-174YTim Sabo 4-6 Laps0DNF22$75
1515015Garrett McClain 4-6 Laps0DNF21$75
167-919MCarter Murday 0-10 Laps0DNF0$0
Hard Charger: Steve Miller
Consolation Race Results
13+274YTim Sabo Toledo, OH0.000
22015Garrett McClain Fayette, OH-0.405
31-222FNicholas Fenner Morenci, MI-3.487
46+2P3Jeff Robertson Definance, OH-7.235
57+217David Ellis Defiance, OH-12.042
610+48JRDale Cole JrWeston, OH-1 Laps
75-2XGary Cole McClure, OH-2 Laps
84-467Scott Robertson Defiance, OH-7 Laps
98-123GEddie Goins Bryan, OH-7 Laps
109-142*Bob Mayer Holland, OH-8 Laps
Consolation Race 2 Results
11056BJ Gregory Swanton, OH0.000
22095MSteve Miller Toledo, OH-1.916
33053John Miller Defiance, OH-5.109
44051BBrayden Shiels Britton, MI-9.035
5504GBScott Boyd JrNorth Baltimore, OH-4 Laps
6605Brenen Mellon Morenci, MI-7 Laps
77025Ryder Price Morenci, MI-8 Laps
88038Thomas Hunziker Bend, OR-8 Laps
9907Drake Troutman Hyndman, PA-8 Laps
Heat 1 Results
1191Rusty Schlenk 189.9210.000
2251SDevin Shiels 191.753-1.832
3449Brian Ruhlman 197.130-7.209
4395JJerry Bowersock 200.492-10.571
5571JJoe Smith 201.252-11.331
6622FNicholas Fenner 189.9170.004
7967Scott Robertson 201.021-11.100
8817David Ellis 201.738-11.817
978JRDale Cole Jr204.993-15.072
Heat 2 Results
1144SColin Shipley 185.7870.000
2369Brandon Thirlby 188.532-2.745
3263Terry Rushlow 191.003-5.216
4623Brad Wade 196.032-10.245
5519MCarter Murday 198.250-12.463
6415Garrett McClain 200.862-15.075
77XGary Cole 195.982-10.195
8823GEddie Goins 195.982-10.195
Heat 3 Results
1112Ashton Winger 0.0000.000
2327Eric Spangler 0.0000.000
3245Jamie Grochowski 0.0000.000
4436Joel Morton 0.0000.000
5782SSShaun Sharp 0.0000.000
6574YTim Sabo 0.0000.000
76P3Jeff Robertson 0.0000.000
8842*Bob Mayer 0.0000.000
Heat 4 Results
124GBob Gardner 251.5020.000
2350Ryan Missler 253.582-2.080
3175Dusty Moore 255.679-4.177
4557Steve Kester 256.660-5.158
5471DSDrew Smith 260.205-8.703
6656BJ Gregory 262.394-10.892
7751BBrayden Shiels 253.215-1.713
8825Ryder Price 229.49222.010
Heat 5 Results
11024Ryan Unzicker 80.0008Running0$0
2205MRyan Markham 8-3.7160Running0$0
3301NCasey Noonan 8-4.8520Running0$0
45+106Jake Rendel 8-7.5850Running0$0
54-174Jeff Warnick 8-12.9020Running0$0
66095MSteve Miller 8-18.0820Running0$0
7704GBScott Boyd Jr3-5 Laps0DNF0$0
88038Thomas Hunziker 0-8 Laps0DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Jake Rendel
Heat 6 Results
11031AUSKye Blight 80.0008Running0$0
23+18Rob Anderzack 8-4.3740Running0$0
32-171Rusty Smith 8-6.7510Running0$0
45+1101Chester Fitch 8-7.5300Running0$0
54-127HKen Hahn 8-11.0200Running0$0
66053John Miller 8-15.8360Running0$0
7705Brenen Mellon 3-5 Laps0DNF0$0
8807Drake Troutman 0-8 Laps0DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Rob Anderzack
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
116+1591Rusty Schlenk 00.0000Running0$0
21-144SColin Shipley 0-0.0450Running0$0
310+712Ashton Winger 0-0.3550Running0$0
420+1651SDevin Shiels 0-0.4170Running0$0
513+863Terry Rushlow 0-0.4280Running0$0
612+645Jamie Grochowski 0-0.6760Running0$0
725+1895JJerry Bowersock 0-0.6760Running0$0
815+769Brandon Thirlby 0-0.9370Running0$0
914+527Eric Spangler 0-0.9860Running0$0
106-449Brian Ruhlman 0-1.0390Running0$0
1119+815Garrett McClain 0-1.1600Running0$0
1222+1036Joel Morton 0-1.2010Running0$0
137-671JJoe Smith 0-1.2120Running0$0
142-1219MCarter Murday 0-1.6780Running0$0
1518+374YTim Sabo 0-1.8830Running0$0
1623+722FNicholas Fenner 0-2.1700Running0$0
173-1423Brad Wade 0-2.1830Running0$0
1824+6P3Jeff Robertson 0-2.2610Running0$0
198-118JRDale Cole Jr0-2.5900Running0$0
2011-9XGary Cole 0-3.1350Running0$0
219-1282SSShaun Sharp 0-3.2570Running0$0
225-1717David Ellis 0-3.5920Running0$0
234-1923GEddie Goins 0-3.9660Running0$0
2417-742*Bob Mayer 0-4.1130Running0$0
2521-467Scott Robertson 0-5.9730Running0$0
Hard Charger: Jerry Bowersock
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
17+675Dusty Moore 00.0000Running0$0
213+1124Ryan Unzicker 0-0.0290Running0$0
324+2131AUSKye Blight 0-0.1130Running0$0
49+54GBob Gardner 0-0.1860Running0$0
510+55MRyan Markham 0-0.2050Running0$0
62-471Rusty Smith 0-0.3640Running0$0
73-450Ryan Missler 0-0.4220Running0$0
822+141NCasey Noonan 0-0.4400Running0$0
96-38Rob Anderzack 0-0.5260Running0$0
1017+771DSDrew Smith 0-0.6480Running0$0
114-774Jeff Warnick 0-0.8170Running0$0
1215+327HKen Hahn 0-0.8560Running0$0
1319+657Steve Kester 0-0.9670Running0$0
1420+606Jake Rendel 0-0.9870Running0$0
1514-1101Chester Fitch 0-0.9920Running0$0
168-856BJ Gregory 0-1.2030Running0$0
1723+695MSteve Miller 0-1.2470Running0$0
1816-253John Miller 0-1.4100Running0$0
195-1451BBrayden Shiels 0-1.5320Running0$0
2012-84GBScott Boyd Jr0-1.8280Running0$0
2118-35Brenen Mellon 0-1.9770Running0$0
2211-1125Ryder Price 0-2.7730Running0$0
231-2238Thomas Hunziker 0-2.7730DNS0$0
2421-37Drake Troutman 0-2.7730DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Kye Blight
Hot Laps 1 Results
110+912Ashton Winger 00.0000Running0$0
220+1851SDevin Shiels 0-0.0650Running0$0
349+4631AUSKye Blight 0-0.0790Running0$0
438+3424Ryan Unzicker 0-0.1550Running0$0
513+863Terry Rushlow 0-0.2010Running0$0
616+1091Rusty Schlenk 0-0.3490Running0$0
728+2150Ryan Missler 0-0.4780Running0$0
835+275MRyan Markham 0-0.6660Running0$0
944+3557Steve Kester 0-0.8920Running0$0
1032+2275Dusty Moore 0-0.9450Running0$0
1125+1495JJerry Bowersock 0-1.0030Running0$0
1231+198Rob Anderzack 0-1.0050Running0$0
1334+214GBob Gardner 0-1.0210Running0$0
1426+1238Thomas Hunziker 0-1.0320Running0$0
1539+24101Chester Fitch 0-1.1440Running0$0
1648+3295MSteve Miller 0-1.2160Running0$0
1745+2806Jake Rendel 0-1.2400Running0$0
1827+971Rusty Smith 0-1.2780Running0$0
1940+2127HKen Hahn 0-1.3480Running0$0
2047+271NCasey Noonan 0-1.4660Running0$0
213-1823Brad Wade 0-1.4880Running0$0
2237+154GBScott Boyd Jr0-1.6260Running0$0
2323022FNicholas Fenner 0-1.6920Running0$0
2418-674YTim Sabo 0-1.8450Running0$0
2529+474Jeff Warnick 0-1.9050Running0$0
2622-436Joel Morton 0-1.9950Running0$0
2712-1545Jamie Grochowski 0-2.0200Running0$0
2842+1471DSDrew Smith 0-2.0200Running0$0
2919-1015Garrett McClain 0-2.2850Running0$0
3024-6P3Jeff Robertson 0-2.3030Running0$0
3130-151BBrayden Shiels 0-2.4320Running0$0
325-2717David Ellis 0-2.4390Running0$0
3341+853John Miller 0-2.5280Running0$0
348-268JRDale Cole Jr0-2.5420Running0$0
3511-24XGary Cole 0-2.5850Running0$0
3633-356BJ Gregory 0-2.6230Running0$0
377-3071JJoe Smith 0-2.6320Running0$0
384-3423GEddie Goins 0-2.9410Running0$0
399-3082SSShaun Sharp 0-3.6860Running0$0
4043+35Brenen Mellon 0-5.0830Running0$0
4117-2442*Bob Mayer 0-5.2000Running0$0
422-4019MCarter Murday 0-5.2000Running0$0
4336-725Ryder Price 0-5.2000Running0$0
4421-2367Scott Robertson 0-5.2000Running0$0
456-3949Brian Ruhlman 0-5.2000Running0$0
461-4544SColin Shipley 0-5.2000Running0$0
4714-3327Eric Spangler 0-5.2000Running0$0
4815-3369Brandon Thirlby 0-5.2000Running0$0
4946-37Drake Troutman 0-5.2000Running0$0
Hard Charger: Kye Blight
Event Info  
Birthday Race
Oakshade Raceway
12985 County Rd 14-2
Wauseon, Ohio 43567 

Event Description
Oakshade's Birthday Race has evolved into one of the most prestigious races in modern DIRTcar Summer Nationals history with its high car count, packed grandstands and big $10,000 winner's share.

Standing as one of the biggest events the track holds all year, the 24th running of the Birthday Race is one of the four marquee events on the 2023 Hell Tour slate.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

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Summit Modified Nationals

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Summit Modified Nationals

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Oakshade Raceway
12985 County Rd 14-2

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(419) 337-6850

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