Week 4: DIRTcar Summer Nationals
Tri-City Speedway | Granite City, Illinois
Tuesday, July 04, 2023
Feature Results
11033Mike Harrison 300.00030Running79$5,000
29+725Jason Feger 30-2.4180Running74$2,500
33011Gordy Gundaker 30-3.7210Running69$2,000
412+812Ashton Winger 30-3.9010Running64$1,600
52-331AUSKye Blight 30-4.6850Running59$1,400
66091Rusty Schlenk 30-5.7340Running54$1,200
717+1089Mike Spatola 30-6.9960Running52$1,000
85-314GTrevor Gundaker 30-8.0550Running50$800
915+618Shannon Babb 30-8.4830Running48$700
107-344Blaze Burwell 30-9.3310Running46$600
1111082Billy Laycock 30-11.6150Running44$500
1210-215Clayton Stuckey 29-1 Laps0Running43$500
134-94GBob Gardner 29-1 Laps0Running42$500
1416+216Rusty Griffaw 29-1 Laps0Running41$500
1514-151Dean Carpenter 29-1 Laps0Running40$500
1619+338Thomas Hunziker 29-1 Laps0Running39$500
1713-478SSteve Stultz 29-1 Laps0Running38$500
188-1051BBrandon Carpenter 28-2 Laps0Running37$500
1921+223NZMick Quin 28-2 Laps0Running36$500
2020014MReid Millard 28-2 Laps0Running35$500
2118-330Mark Voigt 15-15 Laps0DNF34$500
222204DDoug Tye 1-29 Laps0DNF33$500
Hard Charger: Mike Spatola
Last Chance Showdown Results
11016Rusty Griffaw 80.0008Running0$0
23+189Mike Spatola 8-0.7800Running0$0
32-130Mark Voigt 8-1.6220Running0$0
48+44Jordan Suhre 8-1.7980Running32$75
56+11BJ Robinson 8-2.0250Running31$75
64-225TTucker Finch 8-3.0560Running30$75
79+25Austin Vincent 8-4.8190Running29$75
812+438Thomas Hunziker 8-6.2520Running0$0
911+214MReid Millard 8-6.9380Running0$0
1014+423NZMick Quin 8-7.4270Running0$0
117-482BJason Milam 7-1 Laps0Running28$75
125-735Claude Walker 6-2 Laps0DNF27$75
1310-34DDoug Tye 5-3 Laps0DNF0$0
1413-1T8Tim Gauntt 0-8 Laps0DNS26$75
Hard Charger: Jordan Suhre
Heat 1 Results
1131AUSKye Blight 195.7390.000
234GBob Gardner 199.359-3.620
3244Blaze Burwell 201.182-5.443
4415Clayton Stuckey 203.496-7.757
5778SSteve Stultz 207.570-11.831
6816Rusty Griffaw 208.384-12.645
7525TTucker Finch 209.055-13.316
8682BJason Milam 209.754-14.015
994DDoug Tye 210.436-14.697
1010T8Tim Gauntt 210.436-14.697
Heat 2 Results
1111Gordy Gundaker 279.7760.000
2414GTrevor Gundaker 280.071-0.295
3251BBrandon Carpenter 281.174-1.398
4582Billy Laycock 282.893-3.117
5351Dean Carpenter 283.454-3.678
6830Mark Voigt 284.132-4.356
7635Claude Walker 284.413-4.637
874Jordan Suhre 285.087-5.311
91014MReid Millard 286.769-6.993
10923NZMick Quin 69.767210.009
Heat 3 Results
1233Mike Harrison 158.9530.000
2191Rusty Schlenk 159.826-0.873
3425Jason Feger 161.360-2.407
4512Ashton Winger 163.361-4.408
5318Shannon Babb 164.525-5.572
6889Mike Spatola 165.993-7.040
761BJ Robinson 166.682-7.729
875Austin Vincent 170.407-11.454
9938Thomas Hunziker 172.503-13.550
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
18+731AUSKye Blight 00.0000Running0$0
210+844Blaze Burwell 0-0.1470Running0$0
31-24GBob Gardner 0-0.1520Running0$0
43-115Clayton Stuckey 0-0.1980Running0$0
59+425TTucker Finch 0-0.3210Running0$0
66082BJason Milam 0-0.8920Running0$0
72-578SSteve Stultz 0-0.9370Running0$0
87-116Rusty Griffaw 0-1.1090Running0$0
95-44DDoug Tye 0-1.1940Running0$0
104-6T8Tim Gauntt 0-1.1940DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Blaze Burwell
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
17+611Gordy Gundaker 00.0000Running0$0
24+251BBrandon Carpenter 0-0.0290Running0$0
31-251Dean Carpenter 0-0.1630Running0$0
49+514GTrevor Gundaker 0-0.2270Running0$0
53-282Billy Laycock 0-0.3400Running0$0
65-135Claude Walker 0-0.4780Running0$0
710+34Jordan Suhre 0-0.4840Running0$0
82-630Mark Voigt 0-0.5230Running0$0
98-123NZMick Quin 0-0.9160Running0$0
106-414MReid Millard 0-1.1980Running0$0
Hard Charger: Gordy Gundaker
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
11091Rusty Schlenk 00.0000Running0$0
27+533Mike Harrison 0-0.0220Running0$0
34+118Shannon Babb 0-0.0320Running0$0
45+125Jason Feger 0-0.0820Running0$0
53-212Ashton Winger 0-0.0880Running0$0
69+31BJ Robinson 0-0.3450Running0$0
72-55Austin Vincent 0-0.5570Running0$0
88089Mike Spatola 0-0.5740Running0$0
96-338Thomas Hunziker 0-0.6040Running0$0
Hard Charger: Mike Harrison
Hot Laps 1 Results
1104GBob Gardner 00.0000Running0$0
23+115Clayton Stuckey 0-0.4460Running0$0
319+1614GTrevor Gundaker 0-0.0320Running0$0
424+2018Shannon Babb 00.1830Running0$0
52-378SSteve Stultz 0-0.8680Running0$0
627+2133Mike Harrison 00.4180Running0$0
725+1825Jason Feger 00.4120Running0$0
821+1391Rusty Schlenk 00.3090Running0$0
926+1738Thomas Hunziker 00.1950Running0$0
1023+1312Ashton Winger 0-0.0380Running0$0
1117+611Gordy Gundaker 0-0.0820Running0$0
1229+171BJ Robinson 0-0.1490Running0$0
1313082Billy Laycock 0-0.3420Running0$0
1422+85Austin Vincent 0-0.5710Running0$0
1515035Claude Walker 0-0.7260Running0$0
1620+44Jordan Suhre 0-0.7380Running0$0
176-1182BJason Milam 0-0.8920Running0$0
1811-751Dean Carpenter 0-0.9730Running0$0
195-144DDoug Tye 0-1.1450Running0$0
207-1316Rusty Griffaw 0-1.1690Running0$0
2116-514MReid Millard 0-1.1730Running0$0
2212-1030Mark Voigt 0-1.2220Running0$0
2314-951BBrandon Carpenter 0-1.2400Running0$0
2410-1444Blaze Burwell 0-1.3460Running0$0
2528+389Mike Spatola 0-1.5430Running0$0
2618-823NZMick Quin 0-1.7430Running0$0
279-1825TTucker Finch 0-1.8520Running0$0
288-2031AUSKye Blight 0-2.5650Running0$0
294-25T8Tim Gauntt 0-9.2070Running0$0
Hard Charger: Mike Harrison
Event Info  
Week 4: DIRTcar Summer Nationals
Tri-City Speedway
5100 Nameoki Rd
Granite City, Illinois 62040 

Event Description
The Hell Tour returns to Tri-City Speedway for an Independence Day special on Tuesday, July 4.

It's the second time in Summer Nationals history Tri-City has hosted more than once in a single season.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Support Divisions
Summit Modified Nationals

To Win Amount

Event Hashtag

Ticket Options  
Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Grandstand Type

Reserved Seating
Top 5 rows

Family Section Location
no family section

Handicapped Seating Location
Front rows of grandstansds

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
Free, No open fires

Frequently Asked Questions  
Support Divisions
Summit Modified Nationals

To Win Amount

Reserved Seating
Top 5 rows

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
On the backstretch

Handicapped Seating
Front rows of grandstansds

Personal Coolers
All coolers are prohibited


Credit Card Use
Office, Pit Gate, Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
Race fans that consume alcohol are encouraged to drink responsibly. All alcohol sales will require a picture ID as proof of age; you must be 21 years of age or older. Tri-City Speedway may refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to any person for any reason.

Smoking Policy
No smoking in the grandstands

Family Section
no family section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
non-electric, onsite

Camping Cost
Free, No open fires

Track Info  

Tri-City Speedway
5100 Nameoki Rd

Track Phone
(618) 931-7836

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email

Track Type

Sprint Car Track Record
11.940 seconds by Rico Abreu on 5/31/23

Late Model Track Record
13.904 seconds by Michael Kloos on 8/22/14

Track Map
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