Week 3: DIRTcar Summer Nationals
Lake Cumberland Speedway | Burnside, Kentucky
Monday, July 03, 2023
Race Recap  

Winger Passes Clem Late to Win Lake Cumberland, Week 3 Points Title

With three wins in the last five DIRTcar Summer Nationals Features, Ashton Winger is Week 3 champion of the 38th annual Hell Tour.

The 23-year-old Georgian scored his fourth victory of the season Monday night in the Summer Nationals Late Models’ debut at Lake Cumberland Speedway, making the move around polesitter Tyler Clem in the final laps and holding on to bank the $7,500 grand prize and his 10th career Hell Tour victory.

Winger also bagged an additional $10,000 points fund check as champion of the Week 3 points standings, which he topped by 57 over Billy Moyer Jr. With three wins and no finishes outside the top-five throughout the week, Winger hit his stride in Week 3 and has enjoyed the progress he and the Jeff Mathews Motorsports team have made thus far.

Josh James Artwork

“[I’m] just able to finish races – it’s pretty simple,” Winger said. “Whenever we finished them without any trouble and put ourselves in a good spot I felt like, we won them this week.”

He capped a winning week on the tour with an exciting chase through lapped traffic with fellow youthful Southern driver Tyler Clem, who garnered his first career Summer Nationals fast qualifier honor and Heat Race win during preliminary action, earning him the pole for the 40-lap main event.

Clem scampered out to a one-second lead that he maintained through the first half of the race, but soon came the wrath of Winger. Both drivers were ripping the top side of the 3/8-mile oval, sailing around traffic as it came to them and putting on a show as the laps began to wind down.

Winger tried a few times to take a swipe at Clem down low in a bid for the lead but was unsuccessful.

“I actually tried to sit there and just keep showing him a nose, and I could never get far enough for him to see me,” Winger said. “I just tried to put as much pressure [on him] as I could, and I could really never get there.”

That was, until Clem crossed the stripe to complete Lap 34 and entered Turn 1 behind the lapped car of Morgan Bagley. Clem decided to swing it to the bottom in a slide-job pass attempt, but came up short, leaving the door open for Winger on the top, which he went right through to take the lead down the backstretch.

Winger (12) stalking Clem (58) before taking the lead in the final laps. (Josh James Artwork)

“[Clem] just moved off the top, and that was my one shot,” Winger said. “I was able to make it stick, and then I turned across and slid Bagley. Then, that caution came out and I was able to run my own pace.”

From there, it was Winger’s race to lose. Clem gave chase after a restart with four laps left but was unable to get close enough to make a move as Winger led the field back around to the checkers.

Having battled for position with Clem frequently throughout the summer, Winger gave the 21-year-old Floridian respect after the show, reflecting a bit on their relationship as friendly competitors.

“That team has made leaps and bounds as far as [Tyler] goes,” Winger said. “He’s done a really good job at not tearing stuff up. I’ve told him, ‘If you just keep on keeping-on on this deal, you’re gonna get better.’”


The DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models are back in action Tuesday, July 4 with the kickoff to Week 4 at Tri-City Speedway in Pontoon Beach, IL. Tickets will be available at the gate; streaming available at DIRTVision.com.


Feature (40 Laps): 1. 12-Ashton Winger[2]; 2. 58-Tyler Clem[1]; 3. 21J-Billy Moyer Jr[3]; 4. 88-Greg Johnson[5]; 5. 17SS-Brenden Smith[4]; 6. 31AUS-Kye Blight[14]; 7. 6JR-Parker Martin[9]; 8. 14M-Morgan Bagley[8]; 9. 33AJ-Austin Lay[6]; 10. 4G-Bob Gardner[7]; 11. 30-Mark Voigt[12]; 12. 1-Shane Bailey[13]; 13. 23NZ-Mick Quin[11]; 14. 13-David Webb[10]

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Feature Results
12+112Ashton Winger 400.0006Running75$7,500
21-158Tyler Clem 40-1.09634Running70$2,500
33021JBilly Moyer Jr40-2.8570Running65$2,000
45+188Greg Johnson 40-4.3440Running60$1,600
54-117SSBrenden Smith 40-4.9400Running55$1,400
614+831AUSKye Blight 40-5.2610Running50$1,200
79+26JRParker Martin 40-6.0430Running48$1,000
88014MMorgan Bagley 39-1 Laps0Running46$800
96-333AJAustin Lay 39-1 Laps0Running44$700
107-34GBob Gardner 38-2 Laps0Running42$600
1112+130Mark Voigt 38-2 Laps0Running40$500
1213+11Shane Bailey 38-2 Laps0Running39$500
1311-223NZMick Quin 38-2 Laps0Running38$500
1410-413David Webb 15-25 Laps0DNF37$500
Hard Charger: Kye Blight
Heat 1 Results
1158Tyler Clem 132.3910.000
2221JBilly Moyer Jr134.915-2.524
3488Greg Johnson 137.971-5.580
434GBob Gardner 139.014-6.623
566JRParker Martin 139.178-6.787
6723NZMick Quin 141.641-9.250
751Shane Bailey 142.632-10.241
Heat 2 Results
1112Ashton Winger 306.5040.000
2317SSBrenden Smith 308.180-1.676
3433AJAustin Lay 308.836-2.332
4614MMorgan Bagley 310.342-3.838
5713David Webb 311.447-4.943
6530Mark Voigt 289.34017.164
7231AUSKye Blight 89.429217.075
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
12+158Tyler Clem 00.0000Running0$0
24+221JBilly Moyer Jr0-0.1430Running0$0
37+44GBob Gardner 0-0.3160Running0$0
43-188Greg Johnson 0-0.3840Running0$0
51-41Shane Bailey 0-0.5120Running0$0
65-16JRParker Martin 0-0.5500Running0$0
76-123NZMick Quin 0-1.5850Running0$0
Hard Charger: Bob Gardner
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
15+412Ashton Winger 00.0000Running0$0
26+431AUSKye Blight 0-0.0170Running0$0
34+117SSBrenden Smith 0-0.3090Running0$0
41-333AJAustin Lay 0-0.3660Running0$0
52-330Mark Voigt 0-0.5520Running0$0
63-314MMorgan Bagley 0-0.5810Running0$0
77013David Webb 0-0.6410Running0$0
Hard Charger: Ashton Winger
Hot Laps 1 Results
15+46JRParker Martin 00.0000Running0$0
24+221JBilly Moyer Jr0-0.8450Running0$0
36+323NZMick Quin 0-0.9080Running0$0
414+1013David Webb 00.7640Running0$0
59+430Mark Voigt 00.6330Running0$0
68+233AJAustin Lay 00.4980Running0$0
713+631AUSKye Blight 00.4090Running0$0
810+214MMorgan Bagley 0-0.3150Running0$0
91-81Shane Bailey 0-0.3240Running0$0
1012+212Ashton Winger 0-0.4280Running0$0
117-44GBob Gardner 0-0.4280Running0$0
1211-117SSBrenden Smith 0-0.4320Running0$0
132-1158Tyler Clem 0-0.4320DNS0$0
143-1188Greg Johnson 0-0.4320DNS0$0
Hard Charger: David Webb
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Week 3: DIRTcar Summer Nationals
Monday, July 03, 2023
Lake Cumberland Speedway
360 Racetrack Road
Burnside, Kentucky 42519 

Event Description
The DIRTcar Summer Nationals makes its debut at the 3/8-mile, red clay oval of Lake Cumberland – the 10th track in the State of Kentucky the tour has visited in its 38-year history.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

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Summit Modified Nationals

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Lake Cumberland Speedway
360 Racetrack Road
Burnside, Kentucky 42519 

Track Phone
(606) 341-1228

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Track Type
0.375; Clay Oval

Late Model Track Record
12.524 seconds by Mike Marlar

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