Week 2: DIRTcar Summer Nationals
Davenport Speedway | Davenport, Iowa
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Feature Results
16+512Ashton Winger 400.00014Running80$5,000
22032SChris Simpson 40-1.1337Running75$2,500
39+625Jason Feger 40-4.2440Running70$2,000
41-325SChad Simpson 40-4.52719Running65$1,600
54-199JRFrank Heckenast Jr40-4.6490Running60$1,400
67+14GBob Gardner 40-5.6560Running55$1,200
712+521JBilly Moyer Jr40-6.4160Running53$1,000
83-57Drake Troutman 40-7.0880Running51$800
98-131AUSKye Blight 40-7.7800Running49$700
1011+114MMorgan Bagley 40-8.4790Running47$600
1121+1057Carson Brown 40-9.5450Running45$500
125-758Tyler Clem 40-10.2360Running44$500
1320+730Mark Voigt 40-11.9910Running43$500
1413-115Clayton Stuckey 40-13.8570Running42$500
1517+25Austin Vincent 40-14.5680Running41$500
1615-199Jeff Larson 34-6 Laps0DNF40$500
1714-321Billy Moyer Sr28-12 Laps0DNF39$500
1822+44DDoug Tye 17-23 Laps0DNF38$500
19190101Forrest Trent 16-24 Laps0DNF37$500
2016-419XCody Bauer 10-30 Laps0DNF36$500
2118-321NLogan Nickerson 10-30 Laps0DNF35$500
2210-1215KJustin Kay 2-38 Laps0DNF34$500
Hard Charger: Carson Brown
Consolation Race Results
11019XCody Bauer Farwell, MI0.000
25+35Austin Vincent Moody, MO-0.725
33021NLogan Nickerson Vestaburg, MI-1.263
42-257Carson Brown New London, NC-4.039
54-1101Forrest Trent Morristown, TN-5.024
66042HJohnathan Huston Columbus Junction, IA-5.766
711+423NZMick Quin Hawks Bay, NZ-8.343
812+491Michael Guldenpfenning Muscatine, IA-9.664
9904DDoug Tye Troy, IL-9.977
1015+52MMatt Mickelson Keokuk, IA-3 Laps
117-420BTodd Brennan Zanesville, OH-6 Laps
128-48Jaden Fryer Freeport, IL-10 Laps
1310-338Thomas Hunziker Bend, OR-10 Laps
1413-142Chad Finley St Johns, MI-10 Laps
1514-129Spencer Diercks Davenport, IA-10 Laps
1616030Mark Voigt Marine, IL-10 Laps
Heat 1 Results
117Drake Troutman 705.6030.000
2399JRFrank Heckenast Jr705.629-0.026
324GBob Gardner 706.550-0.947
4415KJustin Kay 709.991-4.388
5615Clayton Stuckey 711.411-5.808
61019XCody Bauer 712.034-6.431
75101Forrest Trent 712.069-6.466
8920BTodd Brennan 713.694-8.091
9738Thomas Hunziker 715.684-10.081
10842Chad Finley 243.458462.145
111130Mark Voigt 243.458462.145
Heat 2 Results
1125SChad Simpson 153.3500.000
2758Tyler Clem 156.297-2.947
3331AUSKye Blight 156.459-3.109
4614MMorgan Bagley 156.735-3.385
5421Billy Moyer Sr158.527-5.177
6257Carson Brown 160.641-7.291
785Austin Vincent 161.105-7.755
898Jaden Fryer 162.477-9.127
91023NZMick Quin 166.865-13.515
10529Spencer Diercks 166.865-13.515
Heat 3 Results
1132SChris Simpson 158.3080.000
2412Ashton Winger 159.355-1.047
3325Jason Feger 159.431-1.123
4521JBilly Moyer Jr160.129-1.821
5299Jeff Larson 160.184-1.876
6621NLogan Nickerson 161.086-2.778
7742HJohnathan Huston 164.569-6.261
894DDoug Tye 167.678-9.370
9891Michael Guldenpfenning 101.37556.933
10102MMatt Mickelson 106.34151.967
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
18+77Drake Troutman 00.0000Running0$0
211+94GBob Gardner 0-0.3420Running0$0
36+399JRFrank Heckenast Jr0-0.3690Running0$0
49+515KJustin Kay 0-0.5800Running0$0
57+2101Forrest Trent 0-0.6250Running0$0
63-315Clayton Stuckey 0-0.6900Running0$0
75-238Thomas Hunziker 0-0.7030Running0$0
82-642Chad Finley 0-0.7560Running0$0
91-820BTodd Brennan 0-0.8110Running0$0
1010019XCody Bauer 0-0.8980Running0$0
114-730Mark Voigt 0-1.2720Running0$0
Hard Charger: Bob Gardner
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
11025SChad Simpson 00.0000Running0$0
26+457Carson Brown 0-0.3950Running0$0
38+531AUSKye Blight 0-0.4410Running0$0
42-221Billy Moyer Sr0-0.5090Running0$0
510+529Spencer Diercks 0-0.6610Running0$0
67+114MMorgan Bagley 0-0.7790Running0$0
79+258Tyler Clem 0-0.8170Running0$0
85-35Austin Vincent 0-1.0900Running0$0
93-68Jaden Fryer 0-1.6440Running0$0
104-623NZMick Quin 0-2.3580Running0$0
Hard Charger: Kye Blight
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
14+332SChris Simpson 00.0000Running0$0
25+399Jeff Larson 0-0.2110Running0$0
31-225Jason Feger 0-0.2320Running0$0
410+612Ashton Winger 0-0.3420Running0$0
57+221JBilly Moyer Jr0-0.5830Running0$0
62-421NLogan Nickerson 0-0.6820Running0$0
73-442HJohnathan Huston 0-0.6940Running0$0
88091Michael Guldenpfenning 0-1.2170Running0$0
9904DDoug Tye 0-2.1920Running0$0
106-42MMatt Mickelson 0-2.2960Running0$0
Hard Charger: Ashton Winger
Hot Laps 1 Results
125+2432SChris Simpson 00.0000Running0$0
213+1121Billy Moyer Sr0-0.2800Running0$0
319+1631AUSKye Blight 0-0.2810Running0$0
422+1825Jason Feger 0-0.3240Running0$0
531+2612Ashton Winger 0-0.4160Running0$0
626+2099Jeff Larson 0-0.4990Running0$0
717+1057Carson Brown 0-0.5270Running0$0
828+2021JBilly Moyer Jr0-0.5850Running0$0
920+1158Tyler Clem 0-0.6040Running0$0
108-27Drake Troutman 0-0.6440Running0$0
1123+1221NLogan Nickerson 0-0.7300Running0$0
1224+1242HJohnathan Huston 0-0.7360Running0$0
1318+514MMorgan Bagley 0-0.8130Running0$0
142-1242Chad Finley 0-0.8470Running0$0
151-1420BTodd Brennan 0-0.8600Running0$0
166-1099JRFrank Heckenast Jr0-0.9540Running0$0
177-10101Forrest Trent 0-1.0300Running0$0
1811-74GBob Gardner 0-1.1620Running0$0
193-1615Clayton Stuckey 0-1.2530Running0$0
205-1538Thomas Hunziker 0-1.3580Running0$0
2130+94DDoug Tye 0-1.5340Running0$0
2212-1025SChad Simpson 0-1.5940Running0$0
2310-1319XCody Bauer 0-1.6500Running0$0
2414-108Jaden Fryer 0-1.6510Running0$0
2516-95Austin Vincent 0-1.8000Running0$0
2615-1123NZMick Quin 0-2.0600Running0$0
279-1815KJustin Kay 0-2.0860Running0$0
2821-729Spencer Diercks 0-2.2590Running0$0
294-2530Mark Voigt 0-2.3820Running0$0
3027-32MMatt Mickelson 0-3.1140Running0$0
3129-291Michael Guldenpfenning 0-6.0710Running0$0
Hard Charger: Ashton Winger
Event Info  
Week 2: DIRTcar Summer Nationals
Davenport Speedway
2815 W Locust St
Davenport, Iowa 52804 

Event Description
Week #2 continues with at stop at Iowa's Davenport Speedway – the one and only appearance in the Hawkeye State.

NOTE: Late Models only; Modifieds take this date off.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Hashtag

Frequently Asked Questions  
To Win Amount

Reserved Seating

Type of Grandstand

Stadium Seating
Stadium seats are not allowed

Handicapped Seating
Front Row

Handicapped Parking
Front gate

Pit Age Limit

Personal Coolers
Coolers are prohibited.


Credit Card Use
Ticket Window

Alcohol Sales
No alcohol is allowed. Beer is available for purchase.

Smoking Policy
No smoking in the grandstands

Family Section

Parking Cost

Camping Availability
electric hookup, non-electric, onsite, sanitary facility, showers, waste services

Camping Cost
No reservations are being taken. First come, first serve. Fees will be collected upon arrival. Tent Camping - $60 for three days, $20 extra if arriving on Wednesday. Dry Camping - $90 for three days, $30 extra if arriving on Wednesday. Hook Ups - $150 for three days, $50 extra if arriving on Wednesday.

Track Info  

Davenport Speedway
2815 W Locust St

Track Phone
(563) 349-5044

Ticket Phone
(844) 347-8849

Track Email

Track Type

Late Model Track Record
13.207 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 8/25/22

Travel Tips
My Place Hotel: $122
20 minutes from Davenport Speedway, off I-74; pet friendly, free parking, all rooms include full-size refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, coffee maker, and microwave.
4653 Progress Drive, Davenport, IA (563) 424-1427

Best Western Plus Steeple Gate Inn: $119
Located right off I-80, just 15 minutes from the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds.
100 West 76th Street Davenport IA (563) 386-6900

Comfort Inn & Suites Davenport: $120
Free parking, breakfast, and Wi-Fi.
8300Northwest Blvd. Davenport IA (563) 324-8300

Hilton Garden Inn: $109
Rate includes Wi-Fi and parking.
959 Middle Road Bettendorf IA (563) 265-2121

Isle Casino Hotel: $69-$94 (Thur $69 / Fri $89 / Sat $94 exclusive of $10 daily fee & 12% tax)
Rate includes $10 casino play for guests over 21.
1777 Isle Parkway Bettendorf IA
Book online or call direct (563) 441-7114

Quality Inn & Suites: $89.99-$99.99 ($89.99 when booking 3 or more nights)
Rate includes free hot breakfast, Wi-Fi, and parking.
6605 Brady Street Davenport IA (563) 386-8336

Closest Airport

Other Airport
Mt. Joy

Track Map
Competitor Info