Week 1: DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Kankakee County Speedway | Kankakee, Illinois
Thursday, June 15, 2023
Feature Results
12+13SBrian Shirley 400.00040Running80$5,000
21-125Jason Feger 40-1.2910Running75$2,500
35+228Dennis Erb Jr40-17.0660Running70$2,000
410+699JRFrank Heckenast Jr40-177.9480Running65$1,600
53-2B12Kevin Weaver 40-24.6690Running60$1,400
67+14GBob Gardner 40-30.2630Running55$1,200
714+7T6Tommy Sheppard Jr40-34.5070Running53$1,000
811+358Tyler Clem 40-43.1610Running51$800
98-1174Ethan Dotson 40-37.8250Running49$700
1021+1121BRich Bell 40-73.3660Running47$600
1113+212Ashton Winger 40-46.6010Running45$500
1218+689Mike Spatola 40-47.2550Running44$500
136-731AUSKye Blight 40-49.1800Running43$500
149-510STaylor Scheffler 40-45.4290Running42$500
15150130Chase Osterhoff 40-106.4910Running41$500
1617+110JJordan Bauer 40-57.8610Running40$500
1722+54DDoug Tye 38-2 Laps0Running39$500
1812-626HDaryn Klein 34-6 Laps0DNF38$500
1916-3101Forrest Trent 33-7 Laps0DNF37$500
204-1618Shannon Babb 30-10 Laps0DNF36$500
2120-119XCody Bauer 23-17 Laps0DNF35$500
2219-39RCurtis Roberts 4-36 Laps0DNF34$500
Hard Charger: Rich Bell
Last Chance Showdown Results
11010JJordan Bauer 120.00012Running0$0
22089Mike Spatola 12-1.3550Running0$0
35+221BRich Bell 12-2.8460Running0$0
47+310Paul Parker 12-5.3660Running33$350
56+12Charlie Cole 12-7.1690Running32$325
69+39Lyle Zanker 12-8.4500Running31$300
712+517SSBrenden Smith 12-9.6560Running30$250
880USA1Chris Hawkins 12-10.1410Running29$200
93-69RCurtis Roberts 12-10.7410Running0$0
10100USA128Kylan Garner 12-11.7940Running28$175
1113+238Thomas Hunziker 12-12.0050Running27$1,500
1214+24DDoug Tye 12-14.9710Running0$0
1315+223NZMick Quin 11-1 Laps0Running26$125
1411-329Spencer Diercks 0-12 Laps0DNS25$75
154-1127MRodney Melvin 0-12 Laps0DNS24$75
Hard Charger: Brenden Smith
Consolation Race Results
11038Thomas Hunziker Bend, OR0.000
23+14DDoug Tye Troy, IL-6.080
34+123NZMick Quin Hawks Bay, NZ-9.647
42-2P3Jeff Robertson Definance, OH0.469
58+3T8Tim Gauntt Brighton, IL-4.472
67+174Dan DeYoung Hobart, IN162.175
75-219XCody Bauer Farwell, MI162.175
86-230Mark Voigt Marine, IL162.175
99067Scott Robertson Defiance, OH162.175
Heat 1 Results
133SBrian Shirley 869.6010.000
2128Dennis Erb Jr870.221-0.620
3210STaylor Scheffler 874.915-5.314
4412Ashton Winger 875.598-5.997
5610JJordan Bauer 876.217-6.616
6721BRich Bell 877.122-7.521
799Lyle Zanker 880.105-10.504
8538Thomas Hunziker 883.300-13.699
9819XCody Bauer 100.187769.414
101067Scott Robertson 100.187769.414
Heat 2 Results
1225Jason Feger 150.8530.000
254GBob Gardner 153.737-2.884
3758Tyler Clem 154.700-3.847
44130Chase Osterhoff 155.739-4.886
519RCurtis Roberts 157.418-6.565
6810Paul Parker 159.186-8.333
7329Spencer Diercks 155.716-4.863
89P3Jeff Robertson 169.012-18.159
9630Mark Voigt 32.698118.155
Heat 3 Results
12B12Kevin Weaver 242.7910.000
2131AUSKye Blight 243.187-0.396
3399JRFrank Heckenast Jr244.772-1.981
44T6Tommy Sheppard Jr245.632-2.841
5789Mike Spatola 247.141-4.350
652Charlie Cole 247.688-4.897
76USA128Kylan Garner 248.702-5.911
884DDoug Tye 253.093-10.302
9974Dan DeYoung 196.88545.906
Heat 4 Results
1218Shannon Babb 153.7140.000
23174Ethan Dotson 153.801-0.087
3126HDaryn Klein 155.345-1.631
44101Forrest Trent 156.445-2.731
5527MRodney Melvin 157.129-3.415
67USA1Chris Hawkins 158.277-4.563
7617SSBrenden Smith 159.889-6.175
8923NZMick Quin 147.8255.889
98T8Tim Gauntt 17.244136.470
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
116+1528Dennis Erb Jr00.0000Running0$0
21-19RCurtis Roberts 0-0.1300Running0$0
311+810STaylor Scheffler 0-0.1520Running0$0
414+1025Jason Feger 0-0.1960Running0$0
515+103SBrian Shirley 0-0.1990Running0$0
69+329Spencer Diercks 0-0.2240Running0$0
72-512Ashton Winger 0-0.2590Running0$0
880130Chase Osterhoff 0-0.2680Running0$0
96-338Thomas Hunziker 0-0.2870Running0$0
1012+24GBob Gardner 0-0.3190Running0$0
1113+210JJordan Bauer 0-0.3810Running0$0
124-830Mark Voigt 0-0.5200Running0$0
1317+421BRich Bell 0-0.5760Running0$0
1418+458Tyler Clem 0-0.6080Running0$0
155-1019XCody Bauer 0-0.6470Running0$0
163-1310Paul Parker 0-0.7530Running0$0
1710-79Lyle Zanker 0-1.0590Running0$0
187-11P3Jeff Robertson 0-1.9330Running0$0
1919067Scott Robertson 0-1.9330DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Dennis Erb Jr
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
111+1031AUSKye Blight 00.0000Running0$0
21-126HDaryn Klein 0-0.3210Running0$0
317+14B12Kevin Weaver 0-0.3740Running0$0
414+1018Shannon Babb 0-0.4330Running0$0
59+499JRFrank Heckenast Jr0-0.5000Running0$0
64-2174Ethan Dotson 0-0.5690Running0$0
76-1T6Tommy Sheppard Jr0-0.6050Running0$0
818+10101Forrest Trent 0-0.6220Running0$0
915+62Charlie Cole 0-0.8420Running0$0
107-327MRodney Melvin 0-0.9040Running0$0
1116+5USA128Kylan Garner 0-0.9130Running0$0
1212017SSBrenden Smith 0-0.9260Running0$0
138-589Mike Spatola 0-1.1260Running0$0
1410-4USA1Chris Hawkins 0-1.2230Running0$0
153-124DDoug Tye 0-1.3540Running0$0
165-11T8Tim Gauntt 0-1.9690Running0$0
172-1574Dan DeYoung 0-1.9690DNS0$0
1813-523NZMick Quin 0-1.9690DNS0$0
Hard Charger: Kevin Weaver
Hot Laps 1 Results
1109RCurtis Roberts 00.0000Running0$0
215+133SBrian Shirley 0-0.1490Running0$0
314+1125Jason Feger 0-0.1620Running0$0
418+1458Tyler Clem 0-0.4130Running0$0
52-312Ashton Winger 0-0.4170Running0$0
612+64GBob Gardner 0-0.4950Running0$0
716+928Dennis Erb Jr0-0.5170Running0$0
89+129Spencer Diercks 0-0.5810Running0$0
917+821BRich Bell 0-0.6040Running0$0
105-519XCody Bauer 0-0.6280Running0$0
118-3130Chase Osterhoff 0-0.8050Running0$0
1211-110STaylor Scheffler 0-0.8130Running0$0
1313010JJordan Bauer 0-0.9240Running0$0
143-1110Paul Parker 0-0.9790Running0$0
154-1130Mark Voigt 0-0.9930Running0$0
1610-69Lyle Zanker 0-1.0340Running0$0
1719+267Scott Robertson 0-2.0630Running0$0
187-11P3Jeff Robertson 0-2.1400Running0$0
196-1338Thomas Hunziker 0-2.6150Running0$0
Hard Charger: Tyler Clem
Hot Laps 2 Results
111+1031AUSKye Blight 00.0000Running0$0
28+689Mike Spatola 0-0.0590Running0$0
316+13USA128Kylan Garner 0-0.1610Running0$0
47+327MRodney Melvin 0-0.3010Running0$0
514+918Shannon Babb 0-0.3820Running0$0
64-2174Ethan Dotson 0-0.3860Running0$0
717+10B12Kevin Weaver 0-0.4250Running0$0
89+199JRFrank Heckenast Jr0-0.6250Running0$0
910+1USA1Chris Hawkins 0-0.7550Running0$0
1012+217SSBrenden Smith 0-0.7740Running0$0
1115+42Charlie Cole 0-0.8250Running0$0
121-1126HDaryn Klein 0-0.8910Running0$0
1318+5101Forrest Trent 0-1.1110Running0$0
146-8T6Tommy Sheppard Jr0-1.2740Running0$0
153-124DDoug Tye 0-1.5860Running0$0
165-11T8Tim Gauntt 0-1.5950Running0$0
172-1574Dan DeYoung 0-3.3880Running0$0
1813-523NZMick Quin 0-3.9590Running0$0
Hard Charger: Kylan Garner
Event Info  
Week 1: DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Kankakee County Speedway
213 W 4000 S Rd
Kankakee, Illinois 

Event Description
For the 34th time in history, the Hell Tour meets Kankakee County Speedway in the second race on the 2023 schedule.

A 1/3-mile oval located inside the Kankakee County Fairgrounds, this historic venue hosted its first DIRTcar Summer Nationals event in its inaugural season of 1986.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Support Divisions
Summit Modified Nationals

To Win Amount

Feature Laps Length

Event Schedule
Pit Gates Open 4PM
Drivers Meeting 5:30PM
Hot Laps 6PM

DIRTcar Late Model Hot Laps
DIRTcar Modified Hot Lap/Qualifying - 1/2 of each group - 3 Laps
DIRTcar Late Model Qualifying - 2 Cars / 2 Laps
Pro Late Model Hot Lap/Qualifying
Stock Car Hot Lap/Qualifying
Factory Stock Hot Lap/Qualifying
Opening Ceremonies
DIRTcar Modified Heat Races - 8 Laps
DIRTcar Late Model Heat Races - 10 Laps
Pro Late Model Heat Races - 8 Laps
Stock Car Heat Races - 8 Laps
DIRTcar Late Model Consolation Race - 10 Laps (if needed)
DIRTcar Modified Last Chance Showdown - 10 Laps (if needed)
DIRTcar Late Model Last Chance Showdown - 12 Laps (if needed)
Factory Stock Heat Races - 8 Laps
Intermission / Track Prep (if needed)
DIRTcar Modified Feature - 25 Laps
DIRTcar Late Model Feature - 40 Laps
Pro Late Model Feature - 20 Laps
Stock Car Feature - 15 Laps
Factory Stock Feature - 15 Laps

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Support Divisions
Summit Modified Nationals

To Win Amount

Track Info  

Kankakee County Speedway
213 W 4000 S Rd

Track Phone
(815) 935-9000

Track Email

Track Type

Late Model Track Record
13.374 seconds by Jason Feger on 6/11/15

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