DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Thursday, July 21, 2022

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For more information, call the track at (517) 542-3627

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
July 21, 2022
Butler Motor Speedway
1031 Clarendon Rd
Quincy, MI 

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$5,000 to win for Late Models, $1,500 for UMP Modifieds.

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Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Late Models

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FAST AS LIGHTNING: Reeve Wins First Career Summit Modified Feature at Butler

With lightning flashes in the distance and rain starting to fall over Butler Motor Speedway Thursday night, Kevin Reeve drove across the finish line under the checkered flags, a winner with the DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals for the first time in his career.

Starting fourth on the grid after a chart-topping effort in Hot Lap/Qualifying Group 1, Reeve wasted no time on drive up through the podium, already passing for second by Lap 5.

Already out front was last week’s first time Summit Modified Feature winner Chad Bauer, who was cruising away from the field before a couple cautions slowed his pace and erased his gap.

Reeve, of Hanover, MI saw an opportunity on a Lap 14 restart. Knowing the race was already past the halfway point and could therefore be declared official at any point if the rain came, he drove hard into Turn 1 and gave Bauer a big run to his inside.

“As the race progressed, you could see the bottom was a little better than the top,” Reeve said. “I watched the Late Model race, and most of the guys were on the bottom. So, I said we’ll try it on the bottom and see what happens, and it stuck.”

And stick it did, as Reeve powered by on the low side to take the lead for good down the backstretch.

“I was watching the lightning off the backstretch, and I said, ‘If it gets bigger, we’re gonna worry about it then,'” Reeve said. “I figured if we just ran some laps, we’d be fine. Then we had that one caution on Lap 8 and another on Lap 14.

Reeve (117) battling with Bauer (19) (Terry Page Photo)

“I said, ‘You know what, it’s time to go if we’re going to go because if they cancel it, it’s done now, halfway through.’”

Reeve led the rest of the way to become the 76th different winner in Summit Modified history, while Bauer, Todd Sherman, Steve Shellenberger and Josh Lolmaugh completed the top-five.


The DIRTcar Summit Modifieds are back in action Friday, July 22 at Tri-City Motor Speedway in Auburn, MI. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 25 Laps | 00:13:20.465

  1. 117-Kevin Reeve[4]; 2. 19B-Chad Bauer[2]; 3. 65-Todd Sherman[5]; 4. 29-Steve Shellenberger[1]; 5. 25-Josh Lolmaugh[6]; 6. 8C-Corey Bevard[3]; 7. 9PG-Percy Gendreau[8]; 8. 3W-Dylan Woodling[13]; 9. 45-Robby Henderson[9]; 10. 5D-David VanGuilder[14]; 11. 81-Rick Swartout[11]; 12. 86-Louis Miller[15]; 13. 55D-Casey Keyosky[18]; 14. 74M-Manix Furqueron[12]; 15. 9C-Troy Cattarene[10]; 16. 9-Garrett Rons[20]; 17. 22M-Deuane Morley[21]; 18. 11-Tyler Morehouse[16]; 19. 1-Brian Przeporia[22]; 20. 17N-Dillon Nusbaum[7]; 21. 55-Justin Matson[17]; 22. (DNS) 54-Zachary Hawk
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Feature Results
14+3117Kevin Reeve 240.00011Running80$1,500
22019BChad Bauer 24-2.00314Running75$700
35+265Todd Sherman 24-5.0410Running70$400
41-329Steve Shellenberger 24-6.4890Running65$300
56+125Josh Lolmaugh 24-9.5350Running60$275
63-38CCorey Bevard 24-10.1450Running55$250
78+19PGPercy Gendreau 24-10.6120Running53$225
813+53WDylan Woodling 24-10.6640Running51$200
99045Robby Henderson 24-11.5430Running49$175
1014+45DDavid VanGuilder 24-11.7130Running47$150
1111081Rick Swartout 24-12.1300Running45$150
1215+386Louis Miller 24-13.5170Running44$150
1318+555DCasey Keyosky 24-20.0940Running43$150
1412-274MManix Furqueron 24-20.5470Running42$150
1510-59CTroy Cattarene 20-4 Laps0Running41$150
1620+49Garrett Rons 18-6 Laps0DNF40$150
1721+422MDeuane Morley 18-6 Laps0DNF39$150
1816-211Tyler Morehouse 9-15 Laps0DNF38$150
1922+31Brian Przeporia 8-16 Laps0DNF37$150
207-1317NDillon Nusbaum 5-19 Laps0DNF36$150
2117-455Justin Matson 3-21 Laps0DNF35$150
2219-354Zachary Hawk 0-24 Laps0DNS34$0
Last Chance Showdown Results
12+155Justin Matson 100.0009Running0$0
23+155DCasey Keyosky 10-1.7450Running0$0
35+287ZGeorge Zieman 10-2.3430Running0$0
41-354Zachary Hawk 10-4.3681Running0$0
54-11Brian Przeporia 10-5.8421Running0$0
66060Nate Wilbur 10-6.8220Running0$0
79+29Garrett Rons 10-7.3190Running0$0
810+296Richard Swan 10-7.4310Running0$0
912+325MBrian Mcfeeters 10-9.7660Running0$0
1017+717Thomas Wilbur 10-10.0490Running0$0
1118+77KElzie Kipp 10-10.7870Running0$0
1213+169Wes Bates 10-16.1240Running0$0
137-692Zach Stotz 8-2 Laps0DNF0$0
1411-311RClint Rockwell 5-5 Laps0DNF0$0
1514-122MDeuane Morley 3-7 Laps0DNF0$0
168-819Austin Dryer 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
1715-253Pete Dotson 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
1816-228Stef Hile 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Qualifying Results
18117Kevin Reeve 17.2920.000
2265Todd Sherman 17.651-0.359
3645Robby Henderson 17.749-0.457
433WDylan Woodling 17.788-0.496
5154Zachary Hawk 17.868-0.576
6487ZGeorge Zieman 18.051-0.759
779Garrett Rons 18.548-1.256
8569Wes Bates 19.264-1.972
9917Thomas Wilbur 19.654-2.362
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1919BChad Bauer 16.7670.000
2125Josh Lolmaugh 17.375-0.608
329CTroy Cattarene 17.891-1.124
435DDavid VanGuilder 17.910-1.143
5555Justin Matson 18.103-1.336
6760Nate Wilbur 18.163-1.396
7496Richard Swan 18.448-1.681
8822MDeuane Morley 19.557-2.790
967KElzie Kipp 19.959-3.192
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1429Steve Shellenberger 17.2570.000
2617NDillon Nusbaum 17.283-0.026
3881Rick Swartout 17.739-0.482
4786Louis Miller 17.921-0.664
5255DCasey Keyosky 18.409-1.152
6392Zach Stotz 18.861-1.604
7511RClint Rockwell 21.096-3.839
8153Pete Dotson 19.363-2.106
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
138CCorey Bevard 16.7420.000
259PGPercy Gendreau 17.410-0.668
3674MManix Furqueron 18.043-1.301
4111Tyler Morehouse 18.234-1.492
521Brian Przeporia 18.239-1.497
6719Austin Dryer 18.777-2.035
7425MBrian Mcfeeters 19.059-2.317
8828Stef Hile 20.209-3.467