DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Shadyhill Speedway | Medaryville, IN
Thursday, July 14, 2022

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For more information, call the track at (219) 843-8892

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
July 14, 2022
Shadyhill Speedway
10554 W 300 N
Medaryville, IN 

Series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Late Models

Late Model Track Record
14.371 seconds by Kent Robinson

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DIRTcar Late Models

To Win Amount

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(219) 843-8892

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Late Model Car Track Record
14.371 seconds by Kent Robinson

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WORKED FOR IT: McKinney Beats Hoffman in Epic Duel at Shadyhill

Since joining Team Longhorn Chassis for the start of the 2021 season, Mike McKinney has put every ounce of time and effort he’s spent on the racetrack into bettering himself and the new racecar. Thursday night might just be the biggest reflection of those efforts – beating UMP Modified titan Nick Hoffman in a memorable showdown at Shadyhill Speedway.

Mike and father/crew chief David McKinney took down Hoffman, the four-time and defending DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals champion form Mooresville, NC, holding him off for all 25 laps en route to his 14th career Summit Modified victory.

“It might not mean I’m the best car here, and I might not go win the next 20, but tonight, we won,” McKinney said. “We came to get the check, and we’re bringing it home.”

McKinney (96M) racing with Hoffman (2) (Terry Page Photo)

Only three times in the last two seasons has Hoffman competed in a Summit Modified event and not won the Feature. McKinney now becomes the fourth different driver to win a Feature on the tour when Hoffman is in the field since the start of the 2021 campaign.

While it’s Feature wins they’re chasing, Hoffman has been a thorn in the side of many UMP Modified drivers in the past several seasons with his dominant presence, and McKinney has been aiming to change that as well with his efforts.

“Last year was the hardest we’ve ever worked in our lives, and this year’s been even harder,” McKinney said. “We’ve got to get better.

“Nick’s obviously stepping the Modified deal up to a whole other level, and if we want to win a race, we better get to work.”

The two wheelmen started their race-long game of cat-and-mouse from the drop of the green, breaking away from the pack several times on the green flag stretches as they blasted around the 1/4-mile track. Hoffman looked low on McKinney several times throughout the first half of the race but could never get close enough to make a move. But it wasn’t until the closing laps until the battle reached its boiling point.

Barreling into Turn 3 at full speed with only three laps left, McKinney came up on a group of spun-out cars right in his lane. It was all he could do to keep from piling-in, but McKinney found himself spinning in and making contact.

“They called the yellow going into Turn 3, but I was going so fast,” McKinney said. “I was on the brakes, and I knew I was gonna run right into those guys, they had the whole track blocked. I was just trying to figure out the best way to not knock any suspension parts out.

“I just tried to spin it sideways and hit ‘em with that door – there’s not really anything you’re gonna mess-up there other than the door bar.”

McKinney drove away with mostly cosmetic body damage and was granted his spot back at the head of the field after spinning to avoid the original incident. He took the green once more on the restart and drove it back home to the checkered, despite Hoffman’s best efforts to steal the win in the final corners.

Terry Page Photo

Though he crossed the line with a runner-up finish, Hoffman was not the most pleased with the result. He felt he had the car to beat, especially in traffic.

“I wish we could have got into heavy lapped traffic because [McKinney] couldn’t maneuver like I could,” Hoffman said.

The middle-top lane looked as though it was the place to be Thursday night, and with his pole starting spot, Hoffman did not get there as quickly as he would have liked to.

“It all comes down to the [redraw], basically,” Hoffman said. “[McKinney] was in the preferred line on the start and was able to get by me in Turns 1-2.”


The DIRTcar Summit Modifieds are back in action Friday night, July 15, at Farmer City Raceway for the final stop of the season in Illinois. If you can’t be there in person, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 25 Laps | 00:25:58.395

  1. 96M-Mike McKinney[2]; 2. 2-Nick Hoffman[1]; 3. 36L-Jamie Lomax[6]; 4. 21A-Kyle Cooper[5]; 5. 5CS-Curt Spalding[4]; 6. 19B-Chad Bauer[8]; 7. 35-David Stremme[9]; 8. 28M-Frank Marshall[17]; 9. 8A-Austin Holcombe[3]; 10. 65-Todd Sherman[7]; 11. 82-Darren Wireman[16]; 12. 3W-Dylan Woodling[18]; 13. 10-Garrett Jameson[15]; 14. 7-Brad Deyoung[11]; 15. 15-TJ Larson[21]; 16. 1W-Jesse Bitterling[22]; 17. 26-Anthony Carter[19]; 18. 1S-Brian Shaw[12]; 19. 27- Beau DeYoung[14]; 20. 17N-Dillon Nusbaum[13]; 21. 25S-Jake Straka[10]; 22. 4G-Bill Griffith[20]
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Feature Results
12+196MMike McKinney 250.00025Running80$1,500
21-12Nick Hoffman 25-0.6300Running75$700
36+336LJamie Lomax 25-1.2170Running70$400
45+121AKyle Cooper 25-1.8460Running65$300
54-15CSCurt Spalding 25-2.2220Running60$275
68+219BChad Bauer 25-2.6110Running55$250
79+235David Stremme 25-3.0850Running53$225
817+928MFrank Marshall 25-3.8000Running51$200
93-68AAustin Holcombe 25-4.1440Running49$175
107-365Todd Sherman 25-5.0270Running47$150
1116+582Darren Wireman 25-5.2600Running45$150
1218+63WDylan Woodling 25-5.9870Running44$150
1315+210Garrett Jameson 25-6.2420Running43$150
1411-37Brad Deyoung 25-6.4420Running42$150
1521+615TJ Larson 25-6.9860Running41$150
1622+61WJesse Bitterling 25-7.6120Running40$150
1719+226Anthony Carter 23-2 Laps0Running39$150
1812-61SBrian Shaw 21-4 Laps0DNF38$150
1914-527Beau DeYoung 21-4 Laps0DNF37$150
2013-717NDillon Nusbaum 12-13 Laps0DNF36$150
2110-1125SJake Straka 7-18 Laps0DNF35$150
2220-24GBill Griffith 4-21 Laps0DNF34$150
Last Chance Showdown Results
11082Darren Wireman 100.00010Running0$0
23+128MFrank Marshall 10-0.7430Running0$0
34+13WDylan Woodling 10-1.5370Running0$0
42-21WJesse Bitterling 10-3.4700Running0$0
57+211Roger Cavness 10-4.6590Running33$0
610+438Tim Sullivan JR10-5.9460Running32$0
711+426Anthony Carter 10-6.8520Running0$0
814+624MMike Miller 10-8.6470Running31$0
95-423BEthan Boomsma 10-10.2260Running30$0
1012+241BChad Bales 10-11.3780Running29$0
1113+252Nate Hutchison 10-12.4770Running28$0
128-415TJ Larson 2-8 Laps0DNF0$0
136-74GBill Griffith 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
149-599Matt Partin 0-10 Laps0DNS27$0
1515091William Corning 0-10 Laps0DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
12+196MMike McKinney Plainfield, IL0.000
21-15CSCurt Spalding Watervilet, MI-250.117
33065Todd Sherman Churubusco, IN-252.167
44025SJake Straka Hebron, IN-253.634
55017NDillon Nusbaum Warsaw, IN-254.537
67+182Darren Wireman Wheatfield, IN-255.146
76-13WDylan Woodling Warsaw, IN-255.569
88011Roger Cavness Francesville, IN-259.011
99038Tim Sullivan JRKnox, IN-261.458
1010052Nate Hutchison Tipton, MI-262.815
Heat 2 Results
1108AAustin Holcombe Elm City, NC0.000
23+121AKyle Cooper Wheatfield, IN-140.868
32-119BChad Bauer Farwell, MI-141.934
4407Brad Deyoung Wheatfield, IN-143.023
58+327Beau DeYoung Demotte, IN-143.948
65-11WJesse Bitterling Star City, IN-145.259
77023BEthan Boomsma Wheatfield, IN-147.177
89+115TJ Larson Rensselear, IN-148.779
96-326Anthony Carter Hamlet, IN-149.113
1010024MMike Miller Kouts, IN-149.574
Heat 3 Results
1102Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC0.000
22036LJamie Lomax Lake Village, IN-270.336
33035David Stremme , -272.546
4401SBrian Shaw Robinson, IL-273.205
55010Garrett Jameson Royal Center, IN-275.425
66028MFrank Marshall Valpariso, IN-276.175
7704GBill Griffith Van Buren, OH-277.326
88099Matt Partin Wheatfield, IN-280.645
910+141BChad Bales Wheatfield, IN-281.086
109-191William Corning Demotte, IN-282.382
Qualifying Results
1105CSCurt Spalding 15.4050.000
2696MMike McKinney 15.427-0.022
3865Todd Sherman 15.535-0.130
4925SJake Straka 15.547-0.142
5317NDillon Nusbaum 15.600-0.195
673WDylan Woodling 15.716-0.311
7482Darren Wireman 15.750-0.345
8111Roger Cavness 15.751-0.346
9238Tim Sullivan JR16.136-0.731
10552Nate Hutchison 17.397-1.992
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
168AAustin Holcombe 15.3670.000
21019BChad Bauer 15.699-0.332
3321AKyle Cooper 15.912-0.545
447Brad Deyoung 15.987-0.620
521WJesse Bitterling 16.029-0.662
6526Anthony Carter 16.186-0.819
7923BEthan Boomsma 16.328-0.961
8127Beau DeYoung 16.347-0.980
9815TJ Larson 16.403-1.036
10724MMike Miller 16.421-1.054
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
112Nick Hoffman 15.1800.000
2636LJamie Lomax 15.753-0.573
3335David Stremme 15.934-0.754
421SBrian Shaw 16.225-1.045
5510Garrett Jameson 16.312-1.132
6728MFrank Marshall 16.375-1.195
784GBill Griffith 16.584-1.404
8499Matt Partin 16.944-1.764
91091William Corning 17.160-1.980
10941BChad Bales 17.299-2.119