DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Lincoln Speedway (IL) | Lincoln, IL
Sunday, July 03, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (217) 764-3200

Event Info

DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
July 3, 2022
Lincoln Speedway (IL)
1408 Short 11th St
Lincoln, IL 

Event Description
$5,000 to win for Late Models, $1,500 for UMP Modifieds.

Series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Late Models

Late Model Track Record
12.219 seconds by Dennis Erb Jr. on 6/28/09

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DIRTcar Late Models

To Win Amount

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Track Phone
(217) 764-3200

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Track Size & Type
0.250; Semi Banked Dirt Oval

Late Model Car Track Record
12.219 seconds by Dennis Erb Jr. on 6/28/09

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ZERO-TO-HERO: Hoffman Rallies from 20th in 17 Laps to Win at Lincoln

Twenty-five laps around a quarter-mile oval. Nineteen cars ahead of him. This was Nick Hoffman’s greatest mountain to climb so far this season, and yet, he still conquered it.

The four-time and defending DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals champion passed every car on the racetrack in 17 of the 25 Feature laps Sunday night to score a dramatic 10th tour victory of the season.

Brendon Bauman Photo

It was his plan to still try for the win, and he knew he had it in him rolling to the track for the Feature.

“As long as cautions fell my way in a couple situations,” Hoffman said. “And they did.”

Hoffman was forced to start the Feature from 20th, nearly dead-last on the grid, after colliding with Ray Bollinger in his Heat Race and taking his NOS Energy Drink/Elite Chassis #2 back to the pits with nose damage.

Five laps into the Feature, he was already up to 10th. Ten laps in, he had just taken fifth. Hoffman was putting on a clinic, passing cars every which way.

“At that point, you’re just weaving in-and-out, really,” Hoffman said. “You almost look like a weapon out there because you’re just left-and-right, and you don’t really know which way you’re going. Whatever lane’s clear.”

Two laps later, Hoffman was staring the rear bumper of leader Mike McKinney, almost two full seconds ahead in traffic. But that didn’t worry the Mooresville, NC-native, still with half of the race to be run.

Hoffman (2) makes the move on McKinney (96M) for the lead (Brendon Bauman Photo)

Hoffman reeled-in McKinney in five laps, made the pass on the outside and drove off with his 67th career Summit Modified victory – arguably one of the most improbable and hard-fought of his career.

“The bottom was so fast and throwing wet crumbs out to the middle, it made the middle actually come-in,” Hoffman said of his lane choice. “There weren’t a whole lot of guys out there running in it, so I felt like I had an open lane of traction, really. So, I was able to charge the corner so hard, where those other guys had to slow down to really hit it right.”


The Summit Modifieds take the next three days off and resume action Thursday, July 7, at Macon Speedway as part of the 42nd running of the Herald & Review 100. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 25 Laps | 00:14:43.177

  1. 2-Nick Hoffman[20]; 2. 96M-Mike McKinney[2]; 3. 10K-Kelly Kovski[6]; 4. 43-Jared Thomas[7]; 5. 777-Trevor Neville[10]; 6. 77-Ray Bollinger[8]; 7. 35-Brandon Roberts[12]; 8. 1A-Steve Meyer Jr[15]; 9. 8-Kyle Steffens[1]; 10. 9-Ken Schrader[13]; 11. 0-Tim Hancock Sr[5]; 12. 64-Dawson Cook[11]; 13. 28-Rodney Standerfer[14]; 14. 34T-Tanner Reed[17]; 15. 21T- Talen Beard[16]; 16. 72A-Austin Lynn[3]; 17. 35D-Tom Davidson[21]; 18. 21-Lyndon Whitfill[4]; 19. 66-Audrey Gerberding[18]; 20. 11D-Brian Diveley[9]; 21. 14-Brian Lynn[19]
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Feature Results
120+192Nick Hoffman 250.0009Running75$1,500
22096MMike McKinney 25-3.92917Running70$700
36+310KKelly Kovski 25-4.6250Running65$400
47+343Jared Thomas 25-8.3650Running60$300
510+5777Trevor Neville 25-9.7320Running55$275
68+277Ray Bollinger 25-11.0880Running50$250
712+535Brandon Roberts 25-11.5230Running48$225
815+71ASteve Meyer Jr.25-12.8090Running46$200
91-88Kyle Steffens 25-14.1670Running44$175
1013+39Ken Schrader 25-15.3700Running42$150
115-60Tim Hancock Sr25-16.1300Running40$150
1211-164Dawson Cook 24-1 Laps0Running39$150
1314+128Rodney Standerfer 24-1 Laps0Running38$150
1417+334TTanner Reed 24-1 Laps0Running37$150
1516+121TTalen Beard 24-1 Laps0Running36$150
163-1372AAustin Lynn 24-1 Laps0Running35$150
1721+435DTom Davidson 23-2 Laps0Running34$150
184-1421Lyndon Whitfill 18-7 Laps0DNF33$150
1918-166Audrey Gerberding 9-16 Laps0DNF32$150
209-1111DBrian Diveley 8-17 Laps0DNF31$150
2119-214Brian Lynn 7-18 Laps0DNF30$150
Heat 1 Results
11096MMike McKinney Plainfield, IL0.000
22021Lyndon Whitfill Fairbury, IL-202.202
34+143Jared Thomas Edinburg, IL-202.787
43-1777Trevor Neville Mackinaw, IL-203.265
5509Ken Schrader Fenton, MO-203.924
67+121TTalen Beard Highland, IL-205.725
76-114Brian Lynn Mason City, ILDNS
Heat 2 Results
14+372AAustin Lynn Mason City, IL0.000
27+50Tim Hancock SrMount Olive, IL-345.264
32-177Ray Bollinger Kewanee, IL-345.906
46+264Dawson Cook Morton, IL-346.347
53-228Rodney Standerfer Summerfield, IL-347.124
65-134TTanner Reed Paris, IL-347.970
71-62Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC-109.558
Heat 3 Results
1108Kyle Steffens St. Charles, MO0.000
22010KKelly Kovski Springfield, IL-251.280
33011DBrian Diveley Springfield, IL-252.046
44035Brandon Roberts Ashland, IL-252.513
5501ASteve Meyer Jr.Staunton, IL-253.503
66066Audrey Gerberding Rochester, IL-238.257
77035DTom Davidson Springfield, IL-258.979
Qualifying Results
1196MMike McKinney 14.6820.000
2521Lyndon Whitfill 14.746-0.064
34777Trevor Neville 14.804-0.122
4643Jared Thomas 14.999-0.317
539Ken Schrader 15.187-0.505
6214Brian Lynn 15.305-0.623
7721TTalen Beard 16.664-1.982
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
142Nick Hoffman 14.6860.000
2677Ray Bollinger 14.823-0.137
3128Rodney Standerfer 14.969-0.283
4272AAustin Lynn 15.039-0.353
5334TTanner Reed 15.212-0.526
6564Dawson Cook 15.247-0.561
770Tim Hancock Sr15.509-0.823
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
168Kyle Steffens 14.4690.000
2410KKelly Kovski 14.590-0.121
3211DBrian Diveley 14.593-0.124
4335Brandon Roberts 14.726-0.257
551ASteve Meyer Jr.14.918-0.449
6166Audrey Gerberding 16.481-2.012
7735DTom Davidson 18.194-3.725