DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Red Hill Raceway | Sumner, IL
Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
June 28, 2022
Red Hill Raceway
8417 Sumner Road
Sumner, IL 

Series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Late Models

Late Model Track Record
15.382 seconds by Payton Freeman on 6/28/22

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DIRTcar Late Models

To Win Amount

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Late Model Car Track Record
15.382 seconds by Payton Freeman on 6/28/22

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EIGHT IS GREAT: Hoffman Wins Eighth of Season at Red Hill Debut

Not only did Red Hill Raceway reopen its gates to the public for the first time in nearly 18 years Tuesday night, but it now has an honorable distinction of hosting two generations of UMP Modified stars on its front-stretch Victory Lane.

Nick Hoffman grew up watching father Darrell Hoffman race and win multiple times on the big 3/8-mile red dirt oval in the late 1990s through the early 2000s. Fast forward to 2022, and Nick himself now stands exactly where one of his racing heroes did with his trip to DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Victory Lane for the eighth time in 10 races Tuesday night.

“A lot of times, he’d come over here and run, or we’d go down to Paducah and run a little bit,” Hoffman said, reminiscing on the days in the grandstands watching his father. “At this time, I would’ve been five, six, seven years old. I remember bits and pieces of this place.”

Josh James Artwork

In short, Hoffman led all but one lap en route to his 64th career Summit Modified triumph. It was a dominating performance in which no driver challenged him once he got the lead throughout the 20-lap main event.

Several cautions were spread throughout the race, but Hoffman held strong out front by changing restart lanes.

“I restarted on the top almost every single time, except that last one where I moved out to the top to get a better run down the hill,” Hoffman said. “I just tried to change it up a little bit with it being a single-file restart; It makes it a little bit tougher being the leader.”


The Summit Modified action continues Wednesday night at Benton Speedway in Benton, MO – the second track debut in two days for the Modifieds. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 20 Laps | 00:26:46.562

  1. 2-Nick Hoffman[3]; 2. 8-Kyle Steffens[6]; 3. 37-Everett Bradham[4]; 4. 1S-Brian Shaw[10]; 5. 95X-Marty Lindeman[7]; 6. 55-justin Jones[15]; 7. 95-Ed Roley[1]; 8. 36-Kenny Wallace[9]; 9. 7-Willie Gammill[8]; 10. 69L-Josh Lemke[5]; 11. 66- Michael Fox[18]; 12. 77-Jim Shipman[20]; 13. K9-Will Krup[22]; 14. 81-Logan Mounce[14]; 15. 24L-Lacey Risley[21]; 16. 88- Bill Dugger[11]; 17. 130-Chase Allen[13]; 18. 79D-John DeMoss[12]; 19. 71-Rick Frasure[16]; 20. 92-Kenny Carmichael[2]; 21. 16C-John Clippinger[19]; 22. 71X-Dave Beck[17]; 23. 30-Mike Beatty[25]; 24. (DNS) 50-Tyler Weiss; 25. (DNS) 99D- Nathan Deisher
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Feature Results
13+22Nick Hoffman 200.00019Running75$1,500
26+48Kyle Steffens 20-1.6250Running70$700
34+137Everett Bradham 20-4.8580Running65$400
410+61SBrian Shaw 20-6.1710Running60$300
57+295XMarty Lindeman 20-6.4090Running55$275
615+955Justin Jones 20-6.5090Running50$250
71-695Ed Roley 20-8.3711Running48$225
89+136Kenny Wallace 20-8.4350Running46$200
98-17Willie Gammill 20-10.1360Running44$175
105-569LJosh Lemke 20-12.2560Running42$150
1118+766Michael Fox 20-12.6450Running40$150
1220+877Jim Shipman 17-3 Laps0DNF39$150
1322+9K9Will Krup 15-5 Laps0DNF38$150
1414081Logan Mounce 15-5 Laps0DNF37$150
1521+624LLacey Risley 14-6 Laps0DNF36$150
1611-588Bill Dugger 10-10 Laps0DNF35$150
1713-4130Chase Allen 10-10 Laps0DNF34$150
1812-679DJohn DeMoss 10-10 Laps0DNF33$150
1916-371Rick Frasure 8-12 Laps0DNF32$150
202-1892Kenny Carmichael 2-18 Laps0DNF31$150
2119-216CJohn Clippinger 2-18 Laps0DNF30$150
2217-571XDave Beck 1-19 Laps0DNF29$150
2325+230Mike Beatty 0-20 Laps0DNF28$150
2423-150Tyler Weiss 0-20 Laps0DNS0$0
2524-199DNathan Deisher 0-20 Laps0DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
11095Ed Roley Cooks Mills, IL0.000
23+137Everett Bradham Olney, IL-150.238
36+395XMarty Lindeman Clay City, IL-153.072
47+31SBrian Shaw Robinson, IL-154.070
54-1130Chase Allen Midlothian, TX-166.423
68+271Rick Frasure Lawrenceville, IL-172.274
72-516CJohn Clippinger Evansville, IN-131.620
85-3K9Will Krup Mt. Carmel, IL-75.506
99030Mike Beatty Worthington, INDNS
Heat 2 Results
12+192Kenny Carmichael Terre Haute, IN0.000
21-169LJosh Lemke West Salem, IL-151.215
34+17Willie Gammill Siloam Springs, AR-152.959
45+188Bill Dugger Sumner, IL-154.300
56+181Logan Mounce Bedford, IN-154.937
67+171XDave Beck Petersburg, IN-159.311
73-477Jim Shipman Petrolia, IL-48.771
88050Tyler Weiss Allendale, ILDNS
Heat 3 Results
1102Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC0.000
2208Kyle Steffens St. Charles, MO-343.582
33036Kenny Wallace St. Louis, MO-345.431
44079DJohn DeMoss Bloomington, IN-347.496
56+155Justin Jones Noble, IL-348.216
67+166Michael Fox Bridgeport, IL-360.195
78+124LLacey Risley Mt. Carmel, IL-343.541
85-399DNathan Deisher Mt. Carmel, IL-49.757
Qualifying Results
1495Ed Roley 16.7140.000
2916CJohn Clippinger 16.814-0.100
3237Everett Bradham 16.905-0.191
47130Chase Allen 16.996-0.282
56K9Will Krup 17.015-0.301
6895XMarty Lindeman 17.192-0.478
711SBrian Shaw 17.257-0.543
8571Rick Frasure 19.810-3.096
9330Mike Beatty 19.810-3.096
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1269LJosh Lemke 17.1100.000
2192Kenny Carmichael 17.363-0.253
3377Jim Shipman 17.392-0.282
447Willie Gammill 17.485-0.375
5688Bill Dugger 17.616-0.506
6781Logan Mounce 18.043-0.933
7571XDave Beck 18.278-1.168
8850Tyler Weiss 18.278-1.168
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
152Nick Hoffman 16.7070.000
288Kyle Steffens 16.838-0.131
3236Kenny Wallace 17.068-0.361
4179DJohn DeMoss 17.765-1.058
5799DNathan Deisher 17.905-1.198
6455Justin Jones 17.916-1.209
7666Michael Fox 18.436-1.729
8324LLacey Risley 20.551-3.844