DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Peoria Speedway | Peoria, IL
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (309) 357-3339

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
June 15, 2022
Peoria Speedway
3520 West Farmington Road
Peoria, IL 

Event Description
Just like last year, Peoria is the second race on the Hell Tour schedule. Will Bobby Pierce take another win?

$5,000 to win for Late Models, $1,500 for UMP Modifieds.

Series Racing
Summit Modified Nationals DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
11.460 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 6/27/20

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

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Track Phone
(309) 357-3339

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Late Model Car Track Record
11.460 seconds by Bobby Pierce on 6/27/20

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CLOSE ONE: Hoffman Holds off Wietholder for Victory at Peoria

Many of Nick Hoffman’s recent DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals wins have been smooth, uncontested drives to the finish. Wednesday night at Peoria Speedway was anything but.

Dave Wietholder, veteran wheelman and Peoria semi-regular racer from Liberty, IL, had chased Hoffman up to the halfway point in the 25-lap Feature when he began to reel him in. Held up by some lapped traffic, Hoffman’s lead shrank quickly from over one second down to a car-length.

“I was following [the lapped car], hoping he’d peel-off the wall and try to get back to the bottom,” Hoffman said. “He entered higher into Turn 1 and I missed the rubber pretty big into 1. That’s when Dave was able to drive underneath me.”

Wietholder suddenly saw a gap open under Hoffman heading into Turn 1 and took it, but was denied due to an untimely yellow flag with 13 laps complete. This cleared traffic from Hoffman’s path, though the race wasn’t over.

Hoffman celebrates in Victory Lane with a can of NOS Energy Drink (Terry Page Photo)

“I was kinda hoping with 8-to-go on that last restart that I wouldn’t get back to lapped traffic, but we did with 2-to-go,” Hoffman said. “[Stick man] showed me I had a little bit of a lead at that point, and I just followed [the lapped car]. I couldn’t drive by him; I was gonna have to run into him to pass him.”

Hoffman took the green on the restart and did reach the tail of the field again in the closing laps. Wietholder reeled Hoffman in yet again and tried one last-ditch effort in Turns 3-4, getting underneath Hoffman’s NOS Energy Drink #2, but to no avail. Hoffman gassed it out of Turn 4 and crossed the stripe for his 59th Summit Modified victory.

Notably, Wietholder races a chassis built by Hoffman at Elite Chassis in Mooresville, NC. The two have crossed several times in the past on the track, and the respect is real.

“He’s strong here, at Spoon River, and a lot of other places,” Hoffman said. “He races a lot of races over the year, and even comes to Florida, so he gets around and ventures out. I think that says a lot about his program to be as strong as he is everywhere he goes.”


The Summit Modifieds take Thursday off before getting back into action at Tri-City Speedway on Friday, June 17. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 25 Laps | 00:13:57.826

  1. 2-Nick Hoffman[2]; 2. 05-Dave Wietholder[4]; 3. 25-Tyler Nicely[3]; 4. 8-Kyle Steffens[5]; 5. 8A-Austin Holcombe[6]; 6. 79D-John Demoss[8]; 7. 77-Ray Bollinger[12]; 8. 130-Chase Allen[7]; 9. 36-Kenny Wallace[9]; 10. 777-Trevor Neville[11]; 11. 89-Noah Faw[14]; 12. 26D-Derick Doerr[18]; 13. 242-Brandon Bollinger[21]; 14. 6M-Carl McKinney[17]; 15. 82-Shane Kelley[15]; 16. 17D-Degan Dozard[13]; 17. 73-Mark Rhoades[20]; 18. 10J-Steve Jones[16]; 19. 2B-Erik Bruce[10]; 20. 2D- Asa Dillon[22]; 21. 69-Derek Roberts[19]; 22. 25W-Allen Weisser[1]
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Feature Results
12+12Nick Hoffman 250.00025Running75$1,500
24+205Dave Wietholder 25-2.5550Running70$700
33025Tyler Nicely 2514.2050Running65$400
45+18Kyle Steffens 2513.9660Running60$300
56+18AAustin Holcombe 2513.1460Running55$275
68+279DJohn DeMoss 2512.1800Running50$250
712+577Ray Bollinger 2511.1120Running48$250
87-1130Chase Allen 2510.4600Running46$225
99036Kenny Wallace 259.6070Running44$200
1011+1777Trevor Neville 259.1260Running42$150
1114+389Noah Faw 258.6720Running40$150
1218+626DDerick Doerr 257.0560Running39$150
1321+8242Brandon Bollinger 256.8090Running38$150
1417+36MCarl McKinney 256.0040Running37$150
1515082Shane Kelley 252.8340Running36$150
1613-317DDegan Dozard 252.4110Running35$150
1720+373Mark Rhoades 23-2 Laps0Running34$150
1816-210JSteve Jones 21-4 Laps0DNF33$150
1910-92BErik Bruce 18-7 Laps0DNF32$150
2022+22DAsa Dillon 13-12 Laps0DNF31$150
2119-269Derek Roberts 6-19 Laps0DNF30$150
221-2125WAllen Weisser 2-23 Laps0DQ29$0
Last Chance Showdown Results
11010JSteve Jones 00.0000Running0$0
2206MCarl McKinney 00.0000Running0$0
33026DDerick Doerr 00.0000Running0$0
45+169Derek Roberts 00.0000Running0$0
56+173Mark Rhoades 00.0000Running0$0
67+1242Brandon Bollinger 00.0000Running0$0
79+22DAsa Dillon 00.0000Running0$0
84-420Brian Kidder 00.0000DNS28$0
98-199James Carter 00.0000DNS27$0
Heat 1 Results
12+125WAllen Weisser Peoria, IL0.000
21-105Dave Wietholder Liberty, IL-214.848
330130Chase Allen Midlothian, TX-215.370
4402BErik Bruce Peoria, IL-216.408
57+217DDegan Dozard Peoria, IL-220.034
66010JSteve Jones East Peoria, IL-220.984
78+120Brian Kidder Washburn, IL-224.193
85-3242Brandon Bollinger Kewanee, IL-145.226
Heat 2 Results
12+125Tyler Nicely Owensboro, KY0.000
21-18Kyle Steffens St. Charles, MO-122.838
34+179DJohn DeMoss Bloomington, IN-124.544
43-1777Trevor Neville Mackinaw, IL-125.467
55089Noah Faw Bartonville, IL-126.557
6606MCarl McKinney Mars, PA-127.381
77069Derek Roberts Peoria, IL-129.519
88099James Carter Belleville, ILDNS
Heat 3 Results
1102Nick Hoffman Mooresville, NC0.000
2208AAustin Holcombe Elm City, NC-192.181
33036Kenny Wallace St. Louis, MO-193.230
45+177Ray Bollinger Kewanee, IL-194.446
56+182Shane Kelley Pekin, IL-194.878
64-226DDerick Doerr Peoria, IL-195.946
78+173Mark Rhoades West Chicago, IL-197.302
87-12DAsa Dillon Peoria, IL-198.693
Qualifying Results
1305Dave Wietholder 13.2920.000
2625WAllen Weisser 13.461-0.169
32130Chase Allen 13.540-0.248
452BErik Bruce 13.597-0.305
58242Brandon Bollinger 13.654-0.362
6410JSteve Jones 13.807-0.515
7717DDegan Dozard 14.549-1.257
8120Brian Kidder 15.082-1.790
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
148Kyle Steffens 13.3180.000
2825Tyler Nicely 13.375-0.057
37777Trevor Neville 13.386-0.068
4579DJohn DeMoss 13.569-0.251
5189Noah Faw 13.770-0.452
626MCarl McKinney 13.872-0.554
7369Derek Roberts 14.101-0.783
8699James Carter 14.747-1.429
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
152Nick Hoffman 13.0960.000
248AAustin Holcombe 13.126-0.030
3636Kenny Wallace 13.530-0.434
4326DDerick Doerr 13.628-0.532
5777Ray Bollinger 13.746-0.650
6282Shane Kelley 14.341-1.245
712DAsa Dillon 14.499-1.403
8873Mark Rhoades 14.557-1.461