DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Red Hill Raceway | Sumner, IL
Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
June 28, 2022
Red Hill Raceway
8417 Sumner Dieringer Road
Sumner, IL 

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
15.382 seconds by Payton Freeman on 6/28/22

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Support Divisions
DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

To Win Amount

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Late Model Car Track Record
15.382 seconds by Payton Freeman on 6/28/22

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TERBO TIME: Erb Invades Summer Nationals, Wins Return to Racing at Red Hill

In Red Hill Raceway’s return to racing for the first time in nearly 18 years Tuesday night, Tyler Erb made the most of his first DIRTcar Summer Nationals appearance in two seasons, dominating the evening for his fifth career Hell Tour victory.

On paper, the box scores show he led all 30 laps, green-to-checkered. But this was anything but a cakewalk victory for the 25-year-old from New Waverly, TX, as he held off a hungry field of multiple Summer Nationals champions behind him to collect the $5,000 check.

Erb now has five career DIRTcar Summer Nationals Feature wins (Josh James Artwork)

From the outside pole, Erb grabbed the lead on Lap 1 and began a wild chase with Summer Nationals points leader Bobby Pierce around the 3/8-mile. They reached lapped traffic only eight circuits in, creating an interesting obstacle for the leaders to navigate.

“I’d run hard, feel like we got a comfortable lead, and then hit lapped cars immediately – which kinda makes it hairy,” Erb said. “I’d try to wait, wait, then when I’d get to a lapped car, just pass them as fast as I can and not follow them for a lap or two.”

Erb defended through the halfway point with Pierce stalking closely behind him until Lap 16, when Pierce slowed coming out of Turn 4 and spun around; a small flame coming from under the hood. The reigning champion was pushed back to the pits, done for the night, scored in 13th-place.

Pierce up in smoke at the exit of Turn 4. (Josh James Artwork)

That opened the door for four-time champion Brian Shirley to stake his claim for the lead, though he was largely unsuccessful. Over the final fourteen laps, Shirley gave Erb a few challenges for the top spot, but ultimately came up just one spot short.

“Randall [Edwards, crew chief] would show me a lead, then he’d close-up, show me a bit of a lead, then close-up,” Erb said. “With five-to-go, I swear I must’ve passed a lapped car or [Shirley] must’ve hit a hole, and he showed me a big lead, and the next lap I came by, he showed me [Shirley] was right on my butt.”

Shirley’s best chance came in the final laps, where Erb got held-up by a big pack of slower cars in multiple lanes right in front of him, slowing his pace enough to allow Shirley to close rapidly. Erb carefully navigated through them and even survived a last-ditch swipe at the lead out of Turn 4 by Shirley to hang on for the win.

“With five to go, the lapped cars were literally four-wide in front of me,” Erb said. “That was probably the sketchiest part of the whole deal. I just didn’t want to get tangled up with them.”

Erb (1) being chased by Shirley (3s) in the closing laps. (Josh James Artwork)

Summer Nationals rookie standout Payton Freeman came from eighth to finish third – a new personal best on the tour. Four-time champion Shannon Babb ran inside the top-five all night and came home fourth, while 2010 champion Jason Feger rounded out the top-five.


The Summer Nationals Late Model action continues Wednesday night at Benton Speedway in Benton, MO – returning for the first time since 1997. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 30 Laps | 00:16:45.654

  1. 1-Tyler Erb[2]; 2. 3S-Brian Shirley[3]; 3. F1-Payton Freeman[8]; 4. 18-Shannon Babb[5]; 5. 25-Jason Feger[4]; 6. 15- Christian Hanger[9]; 7. 31AUS-Paul Stubber[12]; 8. 14G-Joe Godsey[7]; 9. 0-Deshawn Gingerich[18]; 10. 30-Mark Voigt[16]; 11. 17-Lee Williams[19]; 12. 23NZ-Mick Quin[14]; 13. 32-Bobby Pierce[1]; 14. 86-Kyle Beard[6]; 15. 15F-Richard Frost[11]; 16. 44X-Devin McLean[24]; 17. 26M-Brent McKinnon[10]; 18. 81J-Jack Riggs[13]; 19. 11K-Shannon Kuhn[21]; 20. 14R-Jeff Roth[22]; 21. 4D-Doug Tye[23]; 22. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[17]; 23. (DNS) 89-Ashton Winger; 24. (DNS) 44-Blaze Burwell
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Feature Results
12+11Tyler Erb 300.00030Running75$5,000
23+13SBrian Shirley 30-0.8120Running70$2,500
38+5F1Payton Freeman 30-6.3650Running65$2,000
45+118Shannon Babb 30-7.8810Running60$1,600
54-125Jason Feger 30-9.1480Running55$1,400
69+315Christian Hanger 30-10.4330Running50$1,200
712+531AUSPaul Stubber 30-12.3300Running48$1,000
87-114GJoe Godsey 30-19.7090Running46$800
918+90Deshawn Gingerich 28-2 Laps0Running44$700
1016+630Mark Voigt 28-2 Laps0Running42$600
1119+817Lee Williams 28-2 Laps0Running40$500
1214+223NZMick Quin 27-3 Laps0Running39$500
131-1232Bobby Pierce 15-15 Laps0DNF38$500
146-886Kyle Beard 15-15 Laps0DNF37$500
1511-415FRichard Frost 12-18 Laps0DNF36$500
1624+844XDevin McLean 11-19 Laps0DNF35$500
1710-726MBrent McKinnon 10-20 Laps0DNF34$500
1813-581JJack Riggs 9-21 Laps0DNF33$500
1921+211KShannon Kuhn 7-23 Laps0DNF32$500
2022+214RJeff Roth 4-26 Laps0DNF31$500
2123+24DDoug Tye 1-29 Laps0DNF30$500
2217-521Billy Moyer Jr0-30 Laps0DNF29$500
2315-889Ashton Winger 0-30 Laps0DNS10$0
2420-444Blaze Burwell 0-30 Laps0DNS10$0
Heat 1 Results
11032Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL0.000
23+125Jason Feger Bloomington, IL-1.091
32-114GJoe Godsey Edinburgh, IN-3.433
45+126MBrent McKinnon Carlyle, IL-5.169
56+181JJack Riggs NOLENSVILLE, TN-10.547
67+130Mark Voigt Marine, IL-14.118
78+117Lee Williams Haubstadt, IN-16.053
84-414RJeff Roth Bentonville, AR50.675
Heat 2 Results
12+13SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL0.000
24+218Shannon Babb Moweaqua, IL-0.603
31-2F1Payton Freeman Commerce, GA-1.161
46+215FRichard Frost Clarksville, TN-8.637
58+323NZMick Quin Hawks Bay, NZ-0.163
63-321Billy Moyer JrBatesville, AR-0.163
75-244Blaze Burwell Mt Vernon, IL-0.163
87-14DDoug Tye Troy, IL-0.163
Heat 3 Results
14+31Tyler Erb New Waverly, TX0.000
22086Kyle Beard Trumann, AR-1.961
31-215Christian Hanger Winchester, TN-5.502
45+131AUSPaul Stubber Bunbury, WAU-7.429
53-289Ashton Winger Senoia, GA-8.095
68+20Deshawn Gingerich Dover, PA-18.921
77011KShannon Kuhn Highland, IL39.760
86-244XDevin McLean Mt Vernon, ILDNS
Qualifying Results
1332Bobby Pierce 0.0000.000
2114GJoe Godsey 0.0000.000
3825Jason Feger 0.0000.000
4514RJeff Roth 0.0000.000
5226MBrent McKinnon 0.0000.000
6781JJack Riggs 0.0000.000
7430Mark Voigt 0.0000.000
8617Lee Williams 0.0000.000
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
13F1Payton Freeman 15.3820.000
253SBrian Shirley 15.462-0.080
3621Billy Moyer Jr15.472-0.090
4218Shannon Babb 15.793-0.411
5444Blaze Burwell 16.187-0.805
6815FRichard Frost 16.382-1.000
714DDoug Tye 17.231-1.849
8723NZMick Quin 18.287-2.905
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1215Christian Hanger 15.5040.000
2686Kyle Beard 15.715-0.211
3889Ashton Winger 15.785-0.281
451Tyler Erb 15.805-0.301
5131AUSPaul Stubber 15.904-0.400
6744XDevin McLean 16.562-1.058
7411KShannon Kuhn 17.922-2.418
830Deshawn Gingerich 17.922-2.418