DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Shadyhill Speedway | Medaryville, IN
Thursday, July 14, 2022

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For more information, call the track at (219) 843-8892

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
July 14, 2022
Shadyhill Speedway
10554 W 300 N
Medaryville, IN 

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals

Late Model Track Record
14.371 seconds by Kent Robinson

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DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

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Support Divisions
DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

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(219) 843-8892

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Late Model Car Track Record
14.371 seconds by Kent Robinson

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SMOOTH SHADY: Pierce Dominates Summer Nationals Return to Shadyhill

Make it three-straight trips to Victory Lane for the reigning champion.

Twenty-two years after father Bob took the checkers in the DIRTcar Summer Nationals’ debut at Shadyhill Speedway in July of 2000, son Bobby Pierce has done the same, winning the Hell Tour’s return to the 1/4-mile for the first time since 2018 Thursday night.

From the drop of the green, Pierce had the car to beat. He grabbed the lead from the pole on Lap 1, but not without some good fortune prior to the first lap.

Pierce (32) makes the move on Finley (42) for the lead on the start (Jim DenHamer Photo)

On the initial start, outside polesitter Chad Finley, of St. Johns, MI, got a great run on the outside of Turn 2 and appeared to have the advantage on Pierce heading into Turn 3. But as Devin Moran and Thomas Hunziker tangled in Turn 2 behind them, the caution flag waved, forcing the field to restack and try it again – much to Pierce’s delight.

“I was probably going to have to race [Finley] for a while if I was going to try and pass him,” Pierce said. “I got that second start going and made sure I got to the top as soon as I could, and got it done.”

Now with a second chance at the start, Pierce got the jump he needed on Finley the second time around. He quickly took the lead and headed right for the top side, which caught-on with the rest of the field behind him as well.

“Track had a top side there early on and it was pretty fun for a few laps, but I knew it was only a matter of time before it started to move down,” Pierce said.

When the preferred lane came in around the middle, Pierce and the other leaders moved down to use it for the remainder of the race. Several caution flags dotted throughout the rest of the race forced Pierce to stay vigilant on the restarts, which was no issue for the four-time champion.

Jim DenHamer Photo

Pierce crossed the line, having led all 40 circuits, largely unchallenged for his 47th career victory with the tour, seventh of the season and third in-a-row, going back to last Sunday at Tri-State Speedway.

Fifteen-year-old Tristan Chamberlain scored his best career finish on tour in second with Finley right on his tail in third. Joe Godsey earned his second top-five finish of the season in fourth, while Brian Shirley rounded out the top-five.


The DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models are back in action Friday night, July 15, at Farmer City Raceway for the final stop of the season in Illinois. If you can’t be there in person, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 40 Laps | 00:20:12.929

  1. 32-Bobby Pierce[1]; 2. 20TC-Tristan Chamberlain[4]; 3. 42-Chad Finley[2]; 4. 14G-Joe Godsey[3]; 5. 3S-Brian Shirley[6]; 6. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[12]; 7. 91-Rusty Schlenk[8]; 8. 9-Devin Moran[7]; 9. 27-Eric Spangler[14]; 10. 21A-Nick Allen[11]; 11. F1-Payton Freeman[21]; 12. 80-Rich Dawson[10]; 13. 17SS-Brenden Smith[18]; 14. 757-Bradley Jameson[15]; 15. 31AUS- Paul Stubber[20]; 16. 38-Thomas Hunziker[5]; 17. 22-Jace Owens[17]; 18. 14R-Jeff Roth[9]; 19. 92-Lynn Johns[13]; 20. 15- Justin Duty[16]; 21. 1M-Mike Mataragas[22]; 22. (DNS) 23NZ-Mick Quin
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Feature Results
11032Bobby Pierce 400.00040Running80$5,000
24+220TCTristan Chamberlain 40-1.9470Running75$2,500
32-142Chad Finley 40-2.5080Running70$2,000
43-114GJoe Godsey 40-4.1470Running65$1,600
56+13SBrian Shirley 40-4.6010Running60$1,400
612+621Billy Moyer Jr40-5.3740Running55$1,200
78+191Rusty Schlenk 40-6.0060Running53$1,000
87-19Devin Moran 40-6.8290Running51$800
914+527Eric Spangler 40-7.3480Running49$700
1011+121ANick Allen 40-7.8670Running47$600
1121+10F1Payton Freeman 40-8.4830Running45$500
1210-280Rich Dawson 40-8.8130Running44$500
1318+517SSBrenden Smith 40-13.4120Running43$500
1415+1757Bradley Jameson 40-13.6130Running42$500
1520+531AUSPaul Stubber 39-1 Laps0Running41$500
165-1138Thomas Hunziker 38-2 Laps0Running40$500
1717022Jace Owens 24-16 Laps0DNF39$500
189-914RJeff Roth 23-17 Laps0DNF38$500
1913-692Lynn Johns 6-34 Laps0DNF37$500
2016-415Justin Duty 2-38 Laps0DNF36$500
2122+11MMike Mataragas 1-39 Laps0DNF35$500
2219-323NZMick Quin 0-40 Laps0DNS0$0
Last Chance Showdown Results
13+222Jace Owens 120.0002Running0$0
22017SSBrenden Smith 12-1.25010Running0$0
34+1F1Payton Freeman 12-2.7110Running0$0
410+61MMike Mataragas 12-3.7090Running0$0
56+131AUSPaul Stubber 12-4.6440Running0$0
614+845Travis Abbott 12-6.3660Running33$350
713+68Dan Richardson 12-9.7540Running32$325
815+75BTimothy Bennett 12-10.1510Running31$300
98-19JToma Johnson 12-11.1080Running30$250
1011+174Dan Deyoung 12-15.7520Running29$200
119-225Ted Johnson 3-9 Laps0DNF28$175
127-523NZMick Quin 1-11 Laps0DNF27$150
1312-141Daniel Hopper 1-11 Laps0DNF26$125
1418+4P0Jeff Robertson 1-11 Laps0DNF25$100
1517+2P33Josh Robertson 0-12 Laps0DNF24$75
1616088DJordan Danford 0-12 Laps0DNF23$75
171-1627STom Smith 0-12 Laps0DNS22$0
185-1330Mark Voigt 0-12 Laps0DNS21$0
Heat 1 Results
11020TCTristan Chamberlain Richmond, IN0.000
22038Thomas Hunziker Bend, OR-2.279
36+314RJeff Roth Bentonville, AR-3.977
45+192Lynn Johns , -8.315
57+227STom Smith Tinley Park, IL-9.690
63-330Mark Voigt Marine, IL-9.690
74-325Ted Johnson Monticello, IN-9.690
8808Dan Richardson Macy, IN-9.690
990P33Josh Robertson Defiance, OH-9.690
Heat 2 Results
12+114GJoe Godsey Edinburgh, IN0.000
23+13SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL-0.719
31-280Rich Dawson Lowell, IN-1.732
46+227Eric Spangler Lake City, MI-2.000
58+317SSBrenden Smith Dade City, FL-2.942
65-131AUSPaul Stubber Bunbury, WAU-3.365
74-31MMike Mataragas Dekalb, IL-4.645
87-145Travis Abbott Monticello, IN-5.358
990P0Jeff Robertson Definance, OH-7.493
Heat 3 Results
11032Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL0.000
2209Devin Moran Dresden, OH-0.497
34+121ANick Allen Wheatfield, IN-1.265
46+2757Bradley Jameson Royal Center, IN-1.558
53-222Jace Owens , -2.854
67+123NZMick Quin Hawks Bay, NZ-3.192
78+174Dan Deyoung , -4.287
85-35BTimothy Bennett Hebrin, IN254.034
Heat 4 Results
11042Chad Finley St Johns, MI0.000
23+191Rusty Schlenk McClure, OH-4.444
34+121Billy Moyer JrBatesville, AR-6.812
42-215Justin Duty Mulino, OR-7.667
550F1Payton Freeman Commerce, GA-8.467
6609JToma Johnson Monticello, IN-15.922
78+141Daniel Hopper Peru, IN-18.812
87-188DJordan Danford Francesville, IN37.490
Qualifying Results
1120TCTristan Chamberlain 15.5120.000
2938Thomas Hunziker 15.716-0.204
3830Mark Voigt 15.775-0.263
4425Ted Johnson 15.868-0.356
5292Lynn Johns 15.922-0.410
6514RJeff Roth 15.955-0.443
7327STom Smith 16.003-0.491
878Dan Richardson 16.359-0.847
96P33Josh Robertson 16.359-0.847
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1680Rich Dawson 15.4280.000
2114GJoe Godsey 15.599-0.171
343SBrian Shirley 15.675-0.247
491MMike Mataragas 16.076-0.648
5831AUSPaul Stubber 16.095-0.667
6227Eric Spangler 16.101-0.673
7745Travis Abbott 16.193-0.765
8317SSBrenden Smith 16.250-0.822
95P0Jeff Robertson 17.068-1.640
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1732Bobby Pierce 15.5280.000
259Devin Moran 15.592-0.064
3822Jace Owens 15.891-0.363
4421ANick Allen 16.008-0.480
515BTimothy Bennett 16.379-0.851
66757Bradley Jameson 16.379-0.851
7223NZMick Quin 16.619-1.091
8374Dan Deyoung 17.946-2.418
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
1442Chad Finley 15.5350.000
2515Justin Duty 15.721-0.186
3391Rusty Schlenk 15.779-0.244
4221Billy Moyer Jr15.832-0.297
51F1Payton Freeman 15.899-0.364
669JToma Johnson 16.999-1.464
7788DJordan Danford 17.120-1.585
8841Daniel Hopper 17.125-1.590