DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
Highland Speedway | Highland, IL
Saturday, July 09, 2022

Tickets can be purchased at the gate.

For more information, call the track at (618) 654-6656

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals / Summit Modified Nationals
July 9, 2022
Highland Speedway
2020 Park St
Highland, IL 

Event Description
$10,000 to win for Late Models, $1,500 for UMP Modifieds.

Series Racing
DIRTcar Summer Nationals DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

Late Model Track Record
12.573 seconds by Daryn Klein on 7/27/22

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DIRTcar UMP Modifieds

To Win Amount

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(618) 654-6656

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Late Model Car Track Record
12.573 seconds by Daryn Klein on 7/27/22

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DO IT AGAIN: English Bags Second Summer Nationals Win of Season at Highland

For the second time in three weeks, Tanner English is a DIRTcar Summer Nationals Feature winner.

It’s a great achievement for the Riggs Motorsports driver originally from Benton, KY – nearly one year past his most recent season as a full-timer on the Hell Tour, in which he won once in 29 starts. This year, he’s won twice in only 11 starts on tour, while also chasing Rookie of the Year honors aboard the World of Outlaws CASE Construction Equipment Late Model Series.

A trip slightly over 90 minutes from his residence in Benton, IL, English chose to head to Highland Speedway Saturday night, and it paid off, winning $10,000 against a stout field of St. Louis-area and Summer Nationals regulars.

Bauer (10J) fending off challenges from Pierce (32) in the first half of the race (Terry Page Photo)

Outside polesitter Jordan Bauer turned heads early as the local favorite from nearby St. Jacob, leading the first 33 laps of the race before English made the move on him after a restart.

“Jordan was doing a heck of a job up top, really setting the pace, he was fast,” English said. “I had to make sure I hit the bottom on that restart and just try to get a run off them tires. I knew there was traction there, I just didn’t know how good my car was because I hadn’t gotten down there yet.”

Starting fourth on the grid, it looked as though English was going to have to run down Bauer and polesitter Bobby Pierce in traffic for a chance to pass them with the longest green flag stretch from Lap 3 to Lap 20. It was in that period when he knew he had a serious chance for the lead.

“When they got to lapped traffic and I caught back up to them and I knew I wasn’t going very hard, I knew,” English said. “It looked like they were using their stuff up pretty hard. I just knew if I held by own and bided my time, I could pick them off if they kept up top there.”

English now has four career DIRTcar Summer Nationals Feature wins (Terry Page Photo)

Once he made the pass for the lead, multiple caution flags in the final 15 laps forced English to play smart defense out front with drivers like Pierce, Shannon Babb and Jason Feger right behind him – all of whom are previous Highland Summer Nationals victors.

“I didn’t know if I needed to go to the bottom there on that first lap [after the restart] or not,” English said. “I knew Bobby [Pierce] was starting on the outside and he was going to have a run going.

“But then again, I passed him on the bottom, so I knew the bottom was fast.”

Though Babb slipped past Pierce for second in the final laps and gave it his all to cut into the two-second gap ahead of him, he could not close enough on English, who zoomed across the line for his fourth career Summer Nationals victory.


Terry Page Photo

Babb crossed in second with Feger in third, while Pierce slipped back to fourth. Rusty Schlenk recovered from a blown engine while racing Friday night in Ohio, making the six-plus-hour trip out to Highland to come and round-out the top-five.


The DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models are back in action to cap-off Illinois-Indiana Week Sunday night, July 10, at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, IN. If you can’t be at the track, watch every lap live on DIRTVision.

ABBREVIATED RESULTS (view full results)

Feature 50 Laps | 00:23:33.646

  1. 81E-Tanner English[4]; 2. 18-Shannon Babb[3]; 3. 25-Jason Feger[13]; 4. 32-Bobby Pierce[1]; 5. 91-Rusty Schlenk[8]; 6. 52-Matt Bailey[5]; 7. 3S-Brian Shirley[9]; 8. 19X-Cody Bauer[6]; 9. 16-Rusty Griffaw[10]; 10. F1-Payton Freeman[18]; 11. 30-Mark Voigt[22]; 12. 14G-Joe Godsey[19]; 13. 17-Todd Rehg[17]; 14. 10J-Jordan Bauer[2]; 15. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[12]; 16. 6K-Michael Kloos[7]; 17. 26M-Brent McKinnon[20]; 18. 4-Jason Suhre[14]; 19. 44-Blaze Burwell[16]; 20. 5-Brian Wolfmeier[21]; 21. 87-Jason Zobrist[11]; 22. 4D-Doug Tye[15]
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Feature Results
14+381ETanner English 500.00017Running80$10,000
23+118Shannon Babb 50-3.3260Running75$5,000
313+1025Jason Feger 50-4.6560Running70$3,000
41-332Bobby Pierce 50-5.2390Running65$2,000
58+391Rusty Schlenk 50-6.0920Running60$1,800
65-152Matt Bailey 50-6.7850Running55$1,600
79+23SBrian Shirley 50-7.6690Running53$1,400
86-219XCody Bauer 50-8.1840Running51$1,200
910+116Rusty Griffaw 50-10.6390Running49$1,000
1018+8F1Payton Freeman 50-11.2690Running47$700
1122+1130Mark Voigt 50-11.4910Running45$500
1219+714GJoe Godsey 50-13.0270Running44$500
1317+417Todd Rehg 49-1 Laps0Running43$500
142-1210JJordan Bauer 39-11 Laps33DNF42$500
1512-321Billy Moyer Jr37-13 Laps0DNF41$500
167-96KMichael Kloos 36-14 Laps0DNF40$500
1720+326MBrent McKinnon 30-20 Laps0DNF39$500
1814-44Jason Suhre 28-22 Laps0DNF38$500
1916-344Blaze Burwell 21-29 Laps0DNF37$500
2021+15Brian Wolfmeier 18-32 Laps0DNF36$500
2111-1087Jason Zobrist 14-36 Laps0DNF35$500
2215-74DDoug Tye 11-39 Laps0DNF34$500
Last Chance Showdown Results
11017Todd Rehg 120.00012Running0$0
27+5F1Payton Freeman 12-2.6400Running0$0
314+1130Mark Voigt 12-3.2760Running0$0
411+71HJosh Heuiser 12-5.4960Running33$350
515+1031AUSPaul Stubber 12-7.3060Running32$325
612+614RJeff Roth 12-8.3520Running31$300
76-125TTucker Finch 12-9.3510Running30$250
8807SJeff Sloan 12-9.8060Running29$200
99078Chad Zobrist 12-10.9580Running28$175
1010023NZMick Quin 12-13.2660Running27$150
115-610Daryn Klein 4-8 Laps0DNF26$125
122-1038Thomas Hunziker 4-8 Laps0DNF25$100
133-1035Claude Walker 4-8 Laps0DNF24$75
1417+314Paul Kuper 2-10 Laps0DNF23$75
154-1114GJoe Godsey 2-10 Laps0DNF0$0
1613-326MBrent McKinnon 1-11 Laps0DNF0$0
1716-15Brian Wolfmeier 0-12 Laps0DNS0$0
Heat 1 Results
11010JJordan Bauer St. Jacob, IL0.000
22052Matt Bailey Highland, IL-0.530
3303SBrian Shirley Chatham, IL-1.293
44025Jason Feger Bloomington, IL-1.436
57+217Todd Rehg Shiloh, IL-3.418
65-110Daryn Klein Trenton, IL-4.299
79+278Chad Zobrist Highland, IL-5.715
88026MBrent McKinnon Carlyle, IL-6.532
96-314Paul Kuper Aviston, IL-6.744
Heat 2 Results
11081ETanner English Benton, KY0.000
22019XCody Bauer Farwell, MI-1.709
35+216Rusty Griffaw Festus, MO-2.302
4404Jason Suhre Highland, IL-3.649
57+238Thomas Hunziker Bend, OR-5.675
66025TTucker Finch Jacksonvile, IL-6.197
78+123NZMick Quin Hawks Bay, NZ-7.234
83-530Mark Voigt Marine, IL140.844
Heat 3 Results
11032Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL0.000
24+26KMichael Kloos Trenton, IL-1.671
35+287Jason Zobrist Highland, IL-4.039
47+34DDoug Tye Troy, IL-5.854
56+135Claude Walker Moro, IL-7.319
63-3F1Payton Freeman Commerce, GA-7.510
78+11HJosh Heuiser St. Jacob, IL-8.627
82-631AUSPaul Stubber Bunbury, WAU-10.552
Heat 4 Results
12+118Shannon Babb Moweaqua, IL0.000
21-191Rusty Schlenk McClure, OH-1.367
33021Billy Moyer JrBatesville, AR-1.839
44044Blaze Burwell Mt Vernon, IL-6.352
55014GJoe Godsey Bedford, IN-6.913
6607SJeff Sloan Charleston, MO-8.788
78+114RJeff Roth Bentonville, AR-11.473
87-15Brian Wolfmeier House Springs, MO-11.473
Qualifying Flight 1 Results
1510JJordan Bauer 13.4710.000
2452Matt Bailey 13.533-0.062
363SBrian Shirley 13.574-0.103
4925Jason Feger 13.621-0.150
5210Daryn Klein 13.828-0.357
6314Paul Kuper 13.929-0.458
7117Todd Rehg 14.010-0.539
8726MBrent McKinnon 14.066-0.595
9878Chad Zobrist 17.082-3.611
Qualifying Flight 2 Results
1481ETanner English 13.6160.000
2219XCody Bauer 13.784-0.168
3130Mark Voigt 13.918-0.302
464Jason Suhre 14.096-0.480
5816Rusty Griffaw 14.154-0.538
6725TTucker Finch 14.184-0.568
7338Thomas Hunziker 14.384-0.768
8523NZMick Quin 14.399-0.783
Qualifying Flight 3 Results
1832Bobby Pierce 13.9320.000
2531AUSPaul Stubber 13.994-0.062
36F1Payton Freeman 13.995-0.063
476KMichael Kloos 14.284-0.352
5187Jason Zobrist 14.375-0.443
6235Claude Walker 14.430-0.498
734DDoug Tye 14.488-0.556
841HJosh Heuiser 14.596-0.664
Qualifying Flight 4 Results
1391Rusty Schlenk 13.4840.000
2418Shannon Babb 13.581-0.097
3121Billy Moyer Jr13.741-0.257
4244Blaze Burwell 14.090-0.606
5614GJoe Godsey 14.194-0.710
657SJeff Sloan 14.470-0.986
775Brian Wolfmeier 14.750-1.266
8814RJeff Roth 14.891-1.407