Nicely Cools Off Hoffman at Sycamore

070819 MN Sycamore Nicely

SYCAMORE, IL – July 8, 2019 – After four weeks of trying, Tyler Nicely final conquered Nick Hoffman on Monday night at Sycamore Speedway to win a DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature worth $1,500.
Nicely set the front row of the 25-lap main event with Jeffery Ledford. Nicely jumped to lead quickly with Hunt Gossum following in second. Gossum challenged Nicely around the bottom for a couple laps until a caution flew.
On the restart Hoffman drove around Gossum for second and pressured Nicely. Hoffman, the championship leader, was strong as usual, but Nicely wouldn’t surrender the lead and held on for the checkered flag. Meanwhile, Allen Weisser worked up to Gossum for third in an entertaining battle behind the leaders, with Weisser claiming the spot in the end.
The DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals resumes Wednesday, July 10, at the Thunder Speedway in Muskegon, MI.
DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 25N-Tyler Nicely [1]; 2. 2-Nick Hoffman [4]; 3. 25W-Allen Weisser [5]; 4. 99-Hunt Gossum [3]; 5. 18-Jeffrey Ledford [2]; 6. 1-Ray Bollinger [7]; 7. 11T-Dugan Thye [12]; 8. 37L-Michael Ledford [6]; 9. O-Travis Kohler [8]; 10. 57-Tim Hamburg [15]; 11. 25-Mike Simons [9]; 12. 57H-Brandon Hamburg [14]; 13. 1L-Dave Lilja [13]; 14. J1-Roger Jackson [11]; 15. 40-Jack Williams [16]; 16. 16-Nick Lueth [10]; 17. 8K-Levi Kissinger [17]; 18. 36-Kenny Wallace [18]; 19. K19-Will Krup [19]; Hard Charger:11T-Dugan Thye[+5]