Harrison Strikes Back-to-Back


Story by Ruben Mireles


PONTOON BEACH, IL — June 25, 2019 — Will Krup and Mike Harrison set the front row for the $1,000-to-win DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature at Tri-City Speedway. Harrison was hard to beat from the outside of the front row and led flag-to-flag for the win, his second consecutive win on the tour.


Krup and Nick Hoffman battled for second with Michael Long and Kenny Wallace battling for fourth on the opening laps. Current point leader Tyler Nicely made early three-wide moves to get to the front after starting tenth. 


On a restart with a couple laps in Long and Hoffman still battled for second. Nicely battled Kyle Steffans for a top five. Ten laps to go and Nicely was hot and inside the top five. 


Harrison, meanwhile, still led with lapped traffic coming into play with eight laps to go. Hoffman and Long closed in on him, but not by much — just enough to spice up the battle for second. Long got around Hoffman for second, leading Hoffman, Nicely, and Krup through the checkered flag.


The Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals continues Wednesday June 26th at Peoria Speedway for the make-up race from June 12 before headed back to Indiana for Brownstown Speedway on Thursday, June 27 and Terre Haute Action Track on Friday, June 28.


New in 2019, every DIRTcar Summer Nationals and Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals event will be broadcast LIVE on DIRTVision.com with a DIRTVision Late Model Fast Pass powered by DirtOnDirt. For the latest news, follow the @SummerNationals on Facebook and Twitter. The Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals runs parallel to the DIRTcar Summer Nationals. Information on the Late Model Summer Nationals can be found at thehelltour.com.


Modified Feature (25 Laps)– 1. 24H-Mike Harrison [2]; 2. 18L-Michael Long [5]; 3. 2-Nick Hoffman [3]; 4. 25N-Tyler Nicely [10]; 5. K19-Will Krup [1]; 6. 8-Kyle Steffans [8]; 7. 25W-Allen Weisser [14]; 8. 36-Kenny Wallace [4]; 9. MB4-Marty Lindeman [7]; 10. 128-Zach Schantz [11]; 11. O5-Dave Wietholder [18]; 12. 51-Timmy Hill [17]; 13. 4UW-Bobby Regot [16]; 14. 18-Jeffrey Ledford [19]; 15. 77-Ray Bollinger [20]; 16. 15-Chris Smith [15]; 17. 10X-Jim Black [13]; 18. 01W-Derrick Black [22]; 19. 77S-Rick Stevenson [6]; 20. 4J-Scott Weber [12]; 21. 14-Rick Conoyer [9]; 22. 57-Trey Harris [21]; KSE Hard Charger Award: MB4-Marty Lindeman[+14]