Poel Secures Win at Merritt

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Jacob Poel Secures First Feature Win at Merritt Speedway

LAKE CITY, MI — July 13, 2017 — Jacob Poel finished first at Merritt Speedway to gain his first Summit Modified Nationals feature win in 2017. Poel trailed only Nick Hoffman, but was finally able to pass him for the lead. Though Hoffman once held the lead, he would end up placing fourteenth overall. Behind Poel, David Mielke placed second and Chad Bauer placed third. 








1. 82 Jacob Poel 

2. 87 David Mielke 

3. 19 Chad Bauer 

4. 77 Joe Rokos 

5. 15 Dave Baker 

6. 711 Scott Payton 

7. 99 Brent Banning 

8. 4J Paul Johnson 

9. 62 Daryl Lehn 

10. 79 Kory Maurice 

11. 31G Rick Gokee 

12. 24N Kyle Novak 

13. 36w Jeramy Wood 

14. 2 Nick Hoffman 

15. 4B Brian Brindley 

16. 77G Jimmy Gallager