Lomax Wins at Plymouth

Jamie Lomax Records First Win of 2017 at Plymouth Speedway

PLYMOUTH, IN — June 29, 2017 — Jamie Lomax crossed the finish line first for the first time in 2017 at Plymouth Speedway. After initially passing Nick Hoffman for the lead, Lomax would maintain his position while holding off advances from Mike Mckinney and Frank Marshall, who finished second and third. Nick Hoffman dropped to seventh after leading the race for a time. 








1. Jamie Lomax 

2. Mike McKinney 

3. Frank Marshall 

4. Randy Lines 

5. Todd Sherman 

6. David Mielke 

7. Nick Hoffman 

8. Tony Anderson 

9. Bobby Stremme 

10. Charles Patrick 

11. Hillard Miller 

12. Dan Hamstra 

13. Mike Hohlbein 

14. Bradley Jameson 

15. Dylan Woodling 

16. Roger Jackson 

17. Garrett Jameson 

18. Darek Snyder 

19. Scott Fitzpatrick 

20. DJ Streeter 

21. Dillon Nusbaum 

22. Zeke McKenzie