Lee Rides High to Win at Clarksville Speedway


(Josh James)

Lucas Lee Lays Down Win at Clarksville Speedway


Lucas Lee of Paris, TN survived the caution heavy feature event to win his first Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals victory of 2018 at Clarksville Speedway. Lee took to the high side early in the event and went unchallenged for 25 laps around the red clay banked 1/4 mile. Lee had previously claimed victory at Clarksville Speedway in 2015’s edition of the Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals.



The race for 2nd and 3rd was heated with early race front runner Trent Young and Mike Harrison battling for position as they moved through the field. Young was put to the rear due to an early race caution. After a strong run from both driver Harrison’s car came to a rest on the front stretch wall collecting Young and putting them both out of contention.



Tennesse Ridge’s Garret Schmidt came across the line in the 2nd position ahead of Michael Sabatino. Wallace Walker finished in the 4th position with Dustin Golden of Bedford, IN round out the top 5.



Feature Finish: Lucas Lee, Garrett Schmidt, Michael Sabatino, Wallace Walker, Dustin Golden, Steve Stevenson, Michael Turner, Phil Dixon, Matt Cooper, Mike Harrison, Trent Young, Skip Wilson, Matt Markham



The Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals head back to Illinois to celebrate July 4 at Fayette County Speedway (IL). Follow Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals  @SummerNationals on Twitter or Facebook for updates during and between race seasons.