Harrison Takes Fairbury

Mike Harrison Takes First at Fairbury Speedway in Exciting Race

FAIRBURY, IL — June 24, 2017 — Mike Harrison battled for the first place position in an intense race at Fairbury Speedway. Harrison took the lead from Nick Hoffman and held it in order to gain his second win of the Summit Modified Nationals season. Both second place finisher Nick Hoffman and third place finisher Mike McKinney had leads of their own during the race.








1. Mike Harrison 

2. Nick Hoffman 

3. Mike McKinney 

4. Ray Bollinger 

5. Jeff Curl 

6. Jeff Leka 

7. Lucas Lee 

8. Levi Kissinger 

9. Allen Weisser 

10. Jeffery Ledford 

11. Steven Brooks 

12. Shaun Horstman 

13. Wade Rookard 

14. Mike Learman 

15. Matt Crafton 

16. Tommy Duncan 

17. Tyler Nicely 

18. Travis Kohler 

19. Nick Clubb 

20. Alan Stipp 

21. Billy Puckett 

22. Rick Weitekamp