Harrison Claims Fayette County

Mike Harrison Comes from Behind to Win at Fayette County

BROWNSTOWN, IL — July 4, 2017 —  Mike Harrison took his third trip to victory lane in 2017 on Independence Day at Fayette County Speedway after an exciting three-way race for the lead. Nick Hoffman and Will Krup were battling for the lead when Harrison made up space and claimed several positions to join the hunt for first place. He would eventually take the lead and cross the finish line first, followed by Hoffman who finished second and Krup who finished third. 








1. Mike Harrison

2. Nick Hoffman

3. Will Krup

4. Phil Dixon

5. Trent Young

6. Ray Bollinger

7. Rodney Standerfer

8. Rick Stevenson
9. Marty Lindeman

10. Steven Brooks

11. Stephen Meyer, Jr.

12. Brian Shaw

13. Josh Harris

14. Jeffrey Ledford

15. Gabe Menser

16. Aaron Draege

17. James Edens

18. Tait Davenport

19. Brian Bielong

20. John Clippinger

21. Robbie Eilers

22. Danny Schwartz

23. Shawn Hortsmann

24. Nicholas Lueth


Heat #1: 

Nick Hoffman, Brian Shaw, Trent Young, Aaron Draege, Danny Schwartz, Wade Wenthe, Nicholas Lueth, Brian Bielong


Heat #2:

Stephen Meyer, Jr., Gabe Menser, Josh Harris, Robbie Eilers, Tres Mehler, Shawn Hortsmann, Travis Kohler, Gary Bentley, Kevin Lee 


Heat #3:

Ray Bollinger, Will Krup, Tait Davenport, Phil Dixon, Michael Bolyard, Rick Stevenson, John Clippinger, David Shain, Matt Dickerman


Heat #4:

Jeffrey Ledford, Mike Harrison, Rodney Standerfer, Steven Brooks, James Edens, Marty Lindeman, Mark Enk, Zach Schantz



Danny Schwartz, James Edens, Rick Stevenson, Michael Bolyard, Marty Lindeman, Brian Bielong, Tres Mehler, Shaun Hortsmann, John Clippinger, Nicholas Lueth, David Shain, Mark Enk, Zach Schantz, Matt Dickerman, Wade Wenthe, Travis Kohler, Gary Bentley, Kevin Lee