The Mike Harrison Show Continues

Brendon Bauman Photo – Story by Ruben Mireles

MACON, IL – July 4, 2019 – Mike Harrison goes back-to-back with the DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals, passing point leader Tyler Nicely for the lead in heavy lapped traffic to claim the $1,500 pay day at Macon Speedway on Friday night.

Bartonville, Illinois driver Allen Weisser set the front row with Nicely. Weisser started strong, searching for his second win of the 2019 season with the tour, but no one wanted it more than Nicely. The Owensboro, Kentucky racer has sustained the point lead with consistent finishes, but has yet to pick up his first DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals victory this year.

Nicely led by nearly a full Macon straightaway until lapped traffic came into play. With five laps to go of the 25-lap Feature, Harrison closed the huge gap Nicely had and split lapped traffic to get around Nicely for the lead. Harrison made veteran moves around the 1/5 mile to leave the field behind and win his fourth DIRTcar Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals Feature of 2019.

The DIRTcar Summer Nationals advances to the Farmer City Raceway in Farmer City, Illinois for a Friday Night Lights special tonight, July 5th. Follow the DIRTcar Summer Nationals on Facebook and Twitter @SummerNationals and don’t miss a single lap live with your DIRTVision Late Model Fast Pass, powered by, for only $39/month. Visit www.DIRTVision.comfor more information.

Modified Feature (25 Laps) – 1. 24H-Mike Harrison [8]; 2. 25N-Tyler Nicely [2]; 3. 2-Nick Hoffman [5]; 4. T6-Tommy Sheppard, [4]; 5. 36-Kenny Wallace [6]; 6. 25W-Allen Weisser [1]; 7. 25-Jacob Steinkoenig [10]; 8. 77-Ray Bollinger [9]; 9. 7H-Spencer Hughes [11]; 10. 14-Rick Conoyer [3]; 11. O-Tim Hancock [15]; 12. 87C-Alan Crowder [7]; 13. 59R-Jacob Rexing [14]; 14. 71-Jeff Graham [21]; 15. 7T-Blake Thompson [12]; 16. 777-Trevor Neville [13]; 17. 33J-Jeff Vernier [23]; 18. 88-Rob Lee [16]; 19. 57-Tim Hamburg [22]; 20. 87Z-Zeb Moake [17]; 21. 78-Jeff Ray [25]; 22. 57H-Andrew Hamburg [18]; 23. 45-Kyle Hammer [19]; 24. 9-Ken Schrader [20]; 25. J1-Roger Jackson [24]; Hard Charger: 24H-Mike Harrison[+7]